Baby fever

Alright I'm 24 so no need to talk me off the ledge like I am 14 but I have some very serious baby fever. I currently have an IUD in that is supposed to last for 5 years but every once in awhile the thought of just having it taken out and not telling my boyfriend crosses my mind.

Again not saying I would and not saying I need to be talked to like a child but I really needed to vent and get that off my chest.

it sounds relatively normal. everyone has fantasies, or some really psycho thoughts that cross their mind from time to time. kind of like when you're walking over a grate or a bridge holding your cell phone and you have a slight urge (let's call it a tinge) to just, drop your phone. You wouldn't do it of course, but it just crosses your mind. Or, more darker example, you're standing atop a building and as you look down, a voice inside your head is going "DO IT. JUMP OFF." or just some dark shit that you end up traumatizing yourself with (thanks brain.)

There's actually a term for it: L'appel du vide, French for "the call of the void." It's actually our brain's way of taking control of a situation that's happening, and the reason we find something so awful and traumatic strangely appealing (a.k.a. think about it in the first place to the point of detailed scenario) is because it's the strongest possible choice we could make in that situation. Brains are weird.

But, it's important to not act on impulses like that. That's what separates the sane people from those with serious issues, the average person knows that the fucked up thing that popped into their head is just that, really fucked up, and won't act on it.


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