Pregnancy and Work

A friend of mine has just announced that she is pregnant, but she is also going up for a promotion, so it opened up a dialogue on safe work practices and pregnancy. Many of us women will be faced with similar dilemmas throughout our lives. So here are some simple points to remember:
Pregnancy doesn't define you as a professional:

It's been revelealed that three quarters of professional women have experienced some form of disrcimination in the workplace, which has been anything from being held back from promotions, to being encouraged to leave their jobs alltogether. 70% of employers also admitted that they would want to know if somebody was pregnant during the interview and that it could potentially affect the hiring decision. There are subtle and blatant forms of maternity discrimination in the wporkplace, and it's important for women to know their rights, their worth and how to act against this.

You can work as long as you are healthy:

Work can be stressful, strenuous and tiring, and the rule of thumb is that women should not work over 32 hours as this could be harmful to the baby. If you choose to work throughout your pregnancy (which you have every right to do), you should ensure that you take lots of rests and also should know when to stop work. As long as your job doesn't consist of exposure to harmful chemicals, strenuous work, such as heavy lifting, you may be able to continue working until you give birth.?

Symptoms and the workplace:

Unfortunately, morning sickness is one of the side effects of pregnancy and is something that you should not be afraid of. If you're having trouble keeping food down at work, it's always a good idea to stay napkins and plastic bags at your desk, and even a toothbrush and toothpaste to be on the safe side. Remember, this is a natural part of pregnancy and shouldn't be something you are ashamed of.?

In most cases, offices will work around you and will be understanding throughout your pregnancy. Remember, know your rights!


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