Continuous Use of The Pill

So i know it's perfectly fine to take the active pills for 3 months in a row and then take the placebo pills after 3 months and that's how i've been taking my birth control because i much prefer not having a period. ?but when i take the placebo week , like i am right now , i don't feel good at all, i get irritable , feel nauseous and just overall feel like crap. my question is , is it really neccessary to take the placebo week at all ? i've read from multiple sources the withdrawal bleed isn't necessary and serves no health benefits and that women don't really need that bleed at all. so can i take the active pills continouslly for more than 3 months ??

There's only two suggestions I have. One see your doctor or gyno and ask them to switch as maybe this pill just isn't for you. The next is just throw the placebos in the trash-as the only thing they are there for is to help you keep track of when to start a new pack.

Yes, it is...your body actually DOES need to have a period about once every three months, and it will let you know when it does. You can try it if you want--try taking the pill continuously, and when you start to feel like your body needs to have a period, take a week off. That's what I do. I don't keep track of dates; I just listen to my body.?


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