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Hi everyone!

I am planning on going to an all inclusive resort at the end of this month. My birth control (yaz) and period tracker app are showing me that my period will fall on the exact dates of my vacation (of course). A few months ago, I tried skipping my period by not taking the placebo pills at the end of my pack, and went on to the next pack of pills, however that only resulted in a miserable 3 weeks of spotting. So, skipping my period that way isn't my best option.I called my doctor today to talk with her to see if there is anything I can do to change the date of my period. I suggested that I stop taking birth control mid month ( so, from the 12-19th) to induce my period. Then, on the 19th, I will start a new pack of birth control in the hopes that my body will not have a period at the end of the month while I am on vacation. She said it was okay, but I may experience some spotting. She did not really give me any information other than that.Has anyone done this before? I really do not want to go through weeks and weeks of spotting, and I would love to enjoy my vacation with my boyfriend, period free.If anyone has any advice on this, please comment and let me know!

i know this is a really late response, but i heard that the spice tumeric can sometimes help induce a period. im not sure tho?


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