Birth Control Brands

I started the birth control pill Orysthia about 4 months ago. I was having severe cramps and irregular cycles, and there was a thought that I had endometriosis (my mom had it) so the pill was a way to protect my fertility just in case. However, I am frustrated?because the pill took my cramps from a 9 on the pain scale to only about an 8. During placebo week I take many OTC painkillers that do not help me. Are there any pills you have tried that have really helped your cramps or if you've been in my situation, what did you do? Thanks!!?

I used to take the pill where you only get a period every three months and when I did get it the cramps were awful. Everyone is going to react different to certain medications, I would have a conversation with your gynocologist and see if they think switching to another brand could help your cramps.
I like to use a heated pad and going for a walk or doing any kind of light activity does actually help, I know it's the exact opposite of what you feel like doing but it really works, also drink a lot of water.


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