Are Condoms Necessary on Birth Control?

I'm dilligent about taking my pill, and my boyfriend doesn't always put..."extra protection" on. I know they're necessary for STDS and they help prevent pregnancy, but can we skip them once or twice without freaking out? We were both virigrins before we started sleeping togehter, so they're mainly just to prevent pregnancy. Also, can you take Plan B pills while you're on the pill or will one counteract the other?

As far as pregenacy prevention is concerned the pill is highly effective alone. Of course using a condom as well will help further but i think most couples that use the pill just do that and enjoy going witout condoms.?
There is no issue (As far as I know) with taking plan B if you are on the pill. Plan B is for emergency purposes not routine. so it's basically if you have sex and you realize you forgot to take enough of your pill doses to have a problem.?

Do females get pregnant while using the pill correctly?? Yes, it's been known to happen whether it's from perfect use, to skipping the pill, to being antibiotics.
If you truly don't want to get pregnant, using a condom with the pill will help prevent a pregnancy.
That being said, if you both want to rely just on the pill then you won't be the only couple that does that in a successful manner.
When to abstain from sex or use an alternative method?? Missed or skipped pill 2 or more days in past week, when using certain antibiotics, and perhaps after being ill to the point you vomited recently. ?
As far as the Plan-B issue goes, it does appear that it doesn't create issues using plan b if on the pill.? Probe that question to google or yahoo and it should give you the answers you need.?

-You dont have to use one each time,just wouldnt let him finish in you. Be careful overall,though.


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