Pill no Condom

so they say the pill is like 92-99% effective, is there a time during the month/cycle when I'm more likely to get pregnant?

so far I always just double up or make the guy pull out, but love the idea of him finishing in me bare just don't want the consequences if i unluck into that 1-8% of the time

like is right before my period good? ?or bad since its going to the inactive pills... or a week or so after once the active pills are back in the system????

There's not a "good time" to be allowing a guy to cum inside of you. If you don't want to fall into the 1-8% continue to do what you are doing.

i only let my boyfriend go naked into my mouth or bum. i not trust him to pull out of my pus so always demand he use rubber there because he goes crazy when he cums off.?

Having him use the withdrawal method??
You're more likely to get pregnant a few days before your midcycle (or ovulation).? However, not every cycle is the same thus it doesn't hurt to use a condom all the time with the pill.
There are pregnancy and ovulation calendars online and following them based on your cycle could help you.? However, keep in mind that your cycle can change any given month...

Is feeling a guy finishing inside of you worth the risk?
I haven't tried this for now, so just don't know. But I think that condoms are absolutely OK and don't ruin your feelings. Unlike the pulling out method, which is unpleasant for your guy, and for you is ... Umm, a little dirty :)


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