Mirena issues -- will they improve?

Period timeliness and flow: I got Mirena inserted in late July of 2016. For at least 2 months, I bled lightly and constantly. Then I didn't had a period at all for another couple months. Then went to a regular monthyl period, but light. My most recent period was timely, but nearly back to normal flow pre-Mirena. I was really hoping it would stay light and less frequent than monthly.

Behavior: Shortly after getting Mirena, I started being really moody and mean to my partner. I knew this was happening, but I felt like I couldn't stop it myself. I still get mood swings, but I can't tell if they are less bad or if I have just gotten used to being an asshole all the time.

Acne:?I have gotten terrible acne since getting Mirena. My face breaks out extra super terrible when I menstruate. It also has creeped around to my chest, back, and worst of all, my hairline. I haven't had acne this bad since high school.

Cramps: In the last two months, I have started getting a very painful ache in my lower right abdomen (presumably where my right ovary is located) which is usually present at the start of my period and then two weeks after/before my periods (presumably at ovulation).

Sometimes I want to remove Mirena and go back to my old method (patch), but getting it inserted was so painful that I am afraid to just do it. Not to mention the fact that it is supposed to last 3 years and it has been about 7 months.

Does it get better or will it keep getting worse? Please, any experience/advice is appreciated.

I've had a pretty good experience with my Mirena that I got back in August. My period has nearly completely stopped, save for the sort of spotting every now and then. I have gotten some weird cramps here and there, but nothing too persistent and nothing a Naproxen can't handle. I think my face acne has gotten a little worse since getting it, but it's in some very acne prone spots that could be there for any amount of reasons. I have noticed a change in mood, though. A pretty big one at that. I'm the same as you, I've been lashing out and feeling a ridiculous amount of anger since I got it. Normally I could handle things that frustrated me or made me angry by getting away and either cry or whatever, now I've been throwing things, punching things, and actually showing aggression that I normally wouldn't have.?

I think my symptoms worsen during menstruation, but are managable everywhere else. I think you should probably give it a little bit to see if these are going to be continuous. What I'm curious about is whether it will hurt again if we were to have it taken out and got a new one since we've already had it done once. My reason being is that I've heard it doesn't hurt if you've had children, but then again, we didn't push a watermelon out of our vaginas, so I have a feeling it'd still be "uncomfortable". But if you're truly unhappy with it, I'd suggest switching to either your old form if it was working better for you, or maybe trying Paraguard. In the end, it'd be worth it. It's a fucking awful process, but it's worth the peace of mind.


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