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Ok story time, so I went on birth control when I was 18 and I was not having sex, in fact, I was a virgin, emphasis on was alright. Anyways I'm 19 and I just started seriously dating my boyfriend, and if you couldn't tell yes I obviously had sex with him. We've done it 5 times, not all at once, and 4 of those 5 times were protected. Before you tell me I'm being irresponsible I'll tell you why I stopped birth control, it made my normal period which lasts 7 days, last?2 weeks and the first week was heavy flow, and I changed the prescription?twice and the same result. Both of them were the pill. So what I'm asking is what should I ask for? I mean I know an IUD and the shot are options but I need to know what works best? If you could help that would be wonderful!!!!?

I currently have a Mirena IUD. My doctor told me it was "systematic" or something, so essentially that meant what happens in the uterus stays in the uterus. I think that's true AFTER your body has adjusted. I've had it since August and I think sometimes I do still feel ridiculously angry, hungry, or overall crazy at times, which is normal during anyone's menstrual cycle, but I feel like since having it, it's increased. But I mean, that can go for just about any bc. Also, you said your problem with the pill was that it made your period last much longer, that doesn't happen with a hormonal IUD. In fact, I haven't bled in a couple months almost at all. It takes a few months to get to that point, though. For 3-6 months you'll be spotting, but it really isn't much at all at a time, and doesn't really require anything other than a panty liner to catch the blood. It's just kind of annoying is all. It's a painful, but short process, and it's worth it. No having to remember to take something at the same time everyday, no needles, just one painful obgyn appointment and you're good for 5 years. It's pretty expensive if you don't have health insurance that will cover it, though. It would've been about $1000 for me had it not been.?


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