Help 5 day pill question urgent

had sex last night with my boyfriend, but the condom was stuck inside of me. I couldn't get it out and I tried and tried. Right away we went to the pharmacist and bought the morning after pill the EllaOne(5day). It came out the next day when I went to the restroom. Could I still get pregnant, or not because I did take the pill?

You can still get pregnant but the chances are probably slim,since you got Plan B and used a condom. However, if you have any doubts,take a pregnacy test. How long have you been on the birth control?

I never let him cum inside of me?

I assume it all worked out?
Keep in mind that nothing is 100% effective so there's always a risk of pregnancy.
Becky, she said Ellaone which is emergency contraception not a traditional birth control pill.


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