Paragard iud please help.

I got my iud inserted on November 22 so I haven the had it for long. The insertion was so painful that I passed out while having it done. I went through a couple days of extremely painful cramping and then it slowly subsided and I started to feel a lot better, almost 100%, then I got a yeast infection took the meds for that. I felt fine. Had sex. Felt fine still.
?then all of sudden I started getting sever cramping on my left side. It feels like a lot ?of pressure and I've definitely had to pee and poop more frequently. ?And the cramps get worse when I have to pee and I get waves of cramps after I pee. It hurst to bend over sometimes when I have them and just move in general. I got tested for a uti and it came back negative. ?I cramp up when I have sex and orgasm. Me and my bf have barely been having sex because I always have cramps. They definitely put me out of the mood and make me feel nauseous. But we just had sex and it burned, almost like when you have a uti but again that came back negative and then there was blood. It wasn't a wicked lot but it was more than spotting. Could the iud be messed up? Could it be cervicitis? Or is this just normal?


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