In August I started dating this amazing guy. At the time I was a virgin and we decided to wait until I got birth control because neither of us want to have kids yet but we do want to be intimate. In early September I got the contraceptive implant and have been sexually active since then. I've had two periods while on the implant, both lasting about two weeks. In late October, my boyfriend and I got really drunk at a party and ended up having unprotected sex. We assumed it would be ok because I've got the implant but my breasts are really sore (could be a side effect of the implant) and I have brown discharge (also could be the implant) the thing that is worrying me is that it is now mid-November and I haven't had a period even though they were very frequent before the unprotected sex. I haven't had a chance to take a test but want to know what the likelyhood of me being pregnant is and if I am what I should do. Is it my body getting used to the implant or are these side effects too conclusive to ignore? Any advice is appreciated.?


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