Pelvic Exam?

Recently my mom has asked me if I would be willing to get on BC, because she said she doesn't want to take any risks of me getting pregnant. I said that I guess, but she said I would need a pelvic exam in order to get it. Can anyone tell me what they do during one, if it hurts, and if it's necessary to have before getting on BC?? Also, which would be best for someone in high school? I've been told that the shot is the best, but that you gain weight and don't get your period, is that true?

There's a whole lot of "it depends on what bc you get on" and "it depends on how YOUR body reacts to it, everyone's is different" with the side effects and what it will need to be done before being put on it. ?A pelvic exam may or may not be done. I didn't have to have to have one when I got my mirena IUD. I think it also depends on your reason for being on bc, like if you're using it for the obvious reason or if you're just trying to regulate your periods or something of the like. I read that it can be uncomfortable, but not really painful. Also they will have you take a pregnancy test before you go in to talk to your gyno. This will include peeing in a cup and/or having your finger pricked. They might do one or they might do both ways.

Weight gain is more of a side effect of the pill, patch, and shot. Not sure about the implant, my knowledge on that is limited. Weight gain isn't as common for an IUD, even with a hormonal type (or so I was told), because it's "systematic" I think is how she described it. In other words, what happens in your uterus, stays in your uterus. I believe the IUD is most effective, however it's kind of a painful process. Don't go off by what I say to a T, because our levels of pain tolerance can be different, and there's also a big chance that something WON'T go wrong like mine did. On the first try, when she went to pull the applicator back out, the mirena came with it, so they had to run and get another one, so I just had to lay there in pain while they got it. I don't think it's necessarily PAINFUL as it is extremely uncomfortable and at the same time it's a completely different kind of uncomfortable than you've ever felt before. So since you don't know how to deal with it, it just sucks. HOWEVER, it doesn't last long. After I got over my nausea (I puked a couple times, but felt much better afterwards), I just had some crazy cramps for a few minutes afterwards. Your hands and legs may feel a little shakey, but it goes away after a few minutes. I know all that sounds fucking terrible, but trust me, I'M SO GLAD I DID IT. You'll have to deal with some spotting for a few months, but a few months vs 5 years of not having to worry about getting pregnant (and not really even needing to use condoms, which is great) is totally worth it.?

My mom scheduled an appointment for me on October 13th. She said that I'll have to get a pelvic exam, and that then they'll look over the papers and any test results, then decide if they think it's okay for me to get the shot. My mom said she wasn't sure if they'd give me the shot the same day or if they'd schedule another appointment. //? She wants me to get on BC in case my boyfriend and I go farther than we anticipate, which is possible. // We've been dating for 11 months (It'll be one year on October 19) and I turn 15 on October 12. // I'm not sure whether I'm ready for more or not, honestly. I know I really want to and that he wants to, but I'm not certain. I don't want to be the 1 in 100 who does get pregnant even when on BC, and I don't want to hurt myself. I'm small built, and he's not fat by any means, but he's bigger than me. I'm scared that it's going to hurt more because he is bigger than me and i'm petite in general and so I don't want that to affect the pain level if we do have sex. //

​I think for my first time with BC, I'm going to get the shot, as it's simpler and hopefully cheaper at the time.


If you're covered by insurance, payment shouldn't be much of a worry. Mine covered my IUD 100%.?

I think the shot is a good idea for you, well, for anyone in general whose body has an ideal reaction to it, because now you don't have to worry about taking a pill or changing a patch at the right time everyday.?

As a gurl who has had ?2 pelvic exams in the past three weeks... they can either be painful, or tolerable, depending on the person doing the exam. The first one I had was a breeze. She stuck this tube with lube on it inside of me which was connected to the screen. She did her ultrasound thing on the computer and it was over.

Had one yesterday... she was a bit more rough. It hurt quite a bit, the further back she went. Which had me worried- why would it hurt that much. But I don't get results for another week.?

Anyways... the person doing the exam is usually very nice and will share a joke or small talk with you.?

In my opinion, a lot less uncomfortable than a pap smear.

As for BC options, it really depends on the person and their body which is best. Everyone is completely different and reacts different ways. I cannot go on the pill- it makes me so sick, and makes my period so much worse (yeah, it does the opposite for most people). In a couple weeks i am getting the IUD. Doc said it would workd best for me and my body.So have a discussion with your doc.. they know best.?


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