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I just had an appointment with my doctor to switch my birth control brand from Lutera because i've gained so much weight from it. She switched me to ~~Microgestin 1/20 Tabs but the reviews online aren't so great. Are any of you on either? Thoughts? What do you guys recomend with your personal experiences? Should i change the method rather than the brand?

Background: I'm 22, Live with my boyfriend (FYI..we both have HPV shots), 99% unprotected, Started on Lutera a year ago as first birthcontrol method.

This is really something to talk to your doctor/nurse practitioner about...nobody's body is the same, and therefore nobody reacts the same way to medications (especially ones that mess with your hormones like birth control pills!). From a quick search online Lutera doesn't seem to be known for weight gain, if anything people complain of weight loss...so right off the bat I'd say you probably won't have any luck looking at online reviews of hormonal birth control. If you didn't react normally to one we can assume you won't to another...so in summary, talk to a health care human!
But to answer your questions...
I currently have a hormonal IUD - the Jaydess one - and I LOVE IT (because I am a very forgetful person and regularly forgot to take my pill on time/at all). I was really nervous/a little scared at first, but now I am a huge advocate for them because it's so convinent and worth every penny).
Pill wise - I tried everything, nothing personally worked well for me. However I'd say my favourite was called Seasonique, which was a 3-month cycle (so you only get your period every 3 months). The problem I had with that one was, despite the convinence, my periods were pretty awful when I did get them (note: I have PCOS so they are bad anyways, but this was just...well...multiplied by 3. Apparently this isn't normal though and doesn't happen to most people). My favourite 'monthly' pill was Tricyclen Lo, because I didn't get too much spotting and it lightened my periods a little, and the dose was low enough I didn't get too many side effects (with higher doses, due to interactions with other medications, I've lost my hair and gained a lot of weight).
In all honesty I recommend an IUD if you can swing it, purely because of the elimination of human error in the effectiveness. BUT before anything just talk to your heath care human and they - knowing your history - can help you trial-and-error your way through figuring out what works best for your body and lifestyle!
Hope this helped a little!


May I ask what you're on them for? I'm on Marvelon 28 for regulation and I lost a lot of weight I put on due to the fact I produce male hormones.


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