Getting birth control without parents knowing?

Before anyone says anything, I'm not just some stupid kid who's being pressured into having sex. I'm 19 years old, but I still live with my parents and am under their insurance plan. I had this talk with them before and explained to them that I'm in college, and I'm not saying that I'm going to be sleeping around but I want to be responsible about this whole thing and avoid any accidents because you never know. Being the extremely conservative southern pro-life Christians that they are, they were obviously reluctant, wouldnt listen to any of my reasoning and just hit me with "just keep your pants on, stupid!" But I mean that's easier said than done. I am sexually active at the moment (they obviously dont know about this) and I've had way too many close calls and am tired of rushing to CVS for Plan B every time something happens. I tried googling how to get birth control without insurance (because obviously my parents would find out if i use their insurance) and couldnt find anything. Even went on Planned Parenthood's website and even they ask for insurance now apparently. I know going behind your parents' back is wrong but unfortunately mine are too stubborn and immature to understand logic and reasoning. Is there any way I can get birth control without using their insurance, even if i do have to pay out of pocket?

Well, I mean, I'm Canadian so I don't know how much applies but have you considered going to a NP and asking for birth control to regulate menstural pain/PMS/irregular cycles/etc... rather than as birth control? If you go in complaining of any of the above, it's the best option and thus that's what you will be perscribed. Then even a medical professional can explain to them that it's legit not for the fetus deletus properties (okay, bad Harry Potter meme reference, I'll stop :P). And if they don't go for that, well, I assume you're american and I have no idea how your system works. But I had the choice of using my student medical insurance, or just saying I didn't have any. I'm assuming even if they ask for insurance, you can just say you don't have any and then you just pay out of pocket like here, but maybe not. Option A is probably your best bet starting out though.
Hope this helps a little!
Good luck!

Be careful though, being on the pill means not needing to use a condom, but it doesn't prevent STDs, so it is very easy to fall in the trap of sleeping around and then catching something :( Isn't it possible to do what Bagerabagera said, to just lie about the insurance and pay from pocket?
I didn't know that insurance in America even covers birth control, how cool!?


A bit late but out of curosity are teen clincs in the states? Because here in Canada we have teen clincs where they won't tell anyone they just need health card informaton. I manged to get information and testing done when I was still in high school at a teen clinc at my school and my health card information was in the office and the nurses told no one. ?

I'm not sure how they would find out if you are on birth control even if you use their insurance. I know you say they are conservative, but come on, it's better than getting pregnant. I say just do it and don't say a word to them about it. If they bring it up, tell them you've had to see your doctor about irregular periods and he suggested BC, and since you already wanted to try it, and now you had a reason to, you decided to start.

There are birth controls that you can pay for out of pocket. Try visiting a local women's low cost clinic.


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