So I'm really considering getting an IUD and was wondering if anyone else who has one can give me an idea of how my body will react to it (like I've read you may have on and off bleeding and things of that nature), the cost, and what the process of inserting it is like. I think I'm wanting to go with the non-hormonal copper type.?

Bumping this because I made the appointment today and would really like some opinions

I have a friend who has one and she does get spotting from time to time, everyone will react differently though.

Thanks fam?

If you were abstinent this wouldn't be an issue, just saying

Wow it's almost like I already know that and don't care

Hllo I am considering one too. ?Did your doctor tell you how soon after insertion you can have sex?

My appointment isn't until this Friday. Unless someone else is willing to tell you before then, I'll let you know after my appointment IF it's even done then and there at all. I need to make sure my insurance will cover it before I get it. Just don't let me forget :)

My appointment is tomorrow and I'm really nervous and decided it would be a good idea to look up iud stories at 2am this morning which it WASN'T.?

I'm also afraid it'll make me bleed when I go to the beach to see my brother for 2 weeks in about a month so that's upsetting.

Ok so I'm rescheduling my appointment and probably won't get another for another couple months due to doctors being booked. It's not the pain that I'm worried about, the spotting in between periods for an indefinite amount of time will be sucky, but worth it. It's just bad timing and I don't want to deal with it while I'm on vacation x3

Did you have your appointment yet?

No, it's not until the 20th of July. Which is way sooner than what I was expecting, but in a good way.

oh hay I have another question,?

Do they usually let you have someone in the room with you? I plan on having my boyfriend come with me, but I was hoping he could be int the room with me while I'm haing the procedure done

Uh, sure if you want and there's room. I've never heard of that being a problem before lol

I don't really see why they wouldn't, but I've heard of some places not allowing it.?

glad yu hot the appoimtment ?I'm happy with my iud

Mom waitied in the waiting room when I got my Skyla.

got mine on the sly at planned parenthood

no more pesky pills to hide or worry about

Dr told me no tampon or sex for seven days well period is over and my bf comes back to town Monday. No sex for 4 weeks and no orgasms since last week is a real bummer but is fixing to get better. I have not told bf about my Skyla yet if he does not feel the thread he may never know I have one.?

The appointment I went to was just a consultation sort of thing. They've convinced me to do Mirena instead because screw periods. They should be calling me soon to schedule the appointment of the actual procedure.

I don't see why you wouldn't tell your boyfriend. It's not a big deal that you have one, no need to keep it a secret.

First time sex with Skyla and it felt so good not to be thinking if this is the time I get preg. He found the string and I explained to him what I had and he thanked me. I told him to thank my mom.

I have my appointment to actually get the Mirena put in tomorrow <:) wish me luck

How did it go??

I just got home from my appointment a few minutes ago.

It HURT. Luckily I had my mom in there with me (I know that might sound weird to some, but we're close and I'm glad she was with me becaue I was nervous as hell). I was pretty tense, so that probably didn't do me justice. So due to that and my level of pain tolerence, others who haven't had babies may have a better experience. But of course, my luck, something went wrong. And they told me this had happened to only one other person , but when she took the speculum out, the Mirena came out with it, so I had to lay there in pain a little longer so they could stick another one up there. After the procedure was done I was so nauseous I threw up. Luckily the nurses weren't in there at the time, but right after I threw up the econd time, the nausea was pretty much gone and all I had were some pretty intense cramps. (btw my menstrual cramps have never been all that bad, so anyone who deals with cramps that intense, bless ya'll's hearts). After a few minutes and after they got me some juice and I could finally walk again (I was pretty shaky for a bit) and walked back to the waiting room to sit down and take another ibuprofen and wait for my mom to do all the checkout stuff, I started feeling much better. It was much better because the nurses who did it were so great and so nice and explained everything to me and let me know what was coming and when it was coming. I'm glad I did it because this is a weight of worry off my shoulders for a good 5 years and I feel in control of my body and that my life will go the way I plan it much better now that I don't have to incorporate a child in it for a good while.


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