Learn from my mistake!

So the doctor who was prescribing my bc stopped taking my insurance. My mom want concerned because I told her I was taking it for ovarian cysts, she didn't know I was having sex. I was going to go to planned parenthood, but before I could I ended up getting pregnant. I don't know if I was still on the pill or not, but either way, I should have been more responsible.
I love my son more than anything but wish I could have waited.
So don't wait if your prescription is ending or anything. Don't take the chance.

Every time I hear a story like yours, I thank God I live in Canada.

Also, that I'm a lesbian so that I don't have to worry about getting pregnant.

Hugs ?sooooo sorry

Your son is the best relief...

happens to a lot of us!! it sucks they can just cut you off like that, but your son will be your greatest reminder... blessings?


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