easier birth control methods/?

well me and my boyfriend just started being sexually active. we are using condoms but i am a really anxius person and i cant relax on the use of condoms though i see that we are using it right and everyting. and so i really need another method together with a condom...
i am not sure about? pills cause of the side effects and everything but what exactly are the methods i can get without seeing a doctor for now? i mean like....going to the peds store and bying it....

Well, I really advise you to talk to your doctor - if you're young and aren't able to get there yourself, you can always tell your mom/dad that you're interested in the pill to help your periods (hey it's a good side affect so still true! as it often lessens severity, etc.).

If you aren't able to do that, you could try spermicide - however, read the package carefully, some types can cause irritation when used in combination with latex condoms, or even cause them to be more prone to splitting. Spermicide can also cause irritation in general for you, so spot-test it on your wrist first.

I'm considering getting the implant. I'm almost 18 and have a good relationship with my mom so it's not a big deal.

I have the implant and its amazing because once it's in you can forget about it for 3 years until it needs to be changed, best for me too cos i always forget to take pills when i need to?

Although my boyfriend wears a condom during sex, he actually pulls out before he ejaculates. Perhaps you and your boyfriend can consider this. If the condom breaks or slips, make sure to have 50$ saved up somewhere so you can buy emergency contraception.?

I understand the anxiety you feel. I still feel paranoid even when I get my period, hehe.?

theres tons of methods to use for a backup, when i used condoms at 16, im now 26 with a tubal ligation, meaning i cant have anymore kids and dont desire anymore. Anyways, I used spermicide, you can even buy spermicidal condoms. It always gave me a piece of mind. I'm on the depo too right now it was a temp method till my surgery, which I had feb 10th, but the depo is a very good method. im probably the only one on here that has their tubes tied lol.

Preferably talk to your doctor about your options as with certain medical history it can limit your options. If you are curious about my experience on the depo shot flick me a message :)?

I hated the pill and am still suffering with the hormonal imbalance it left me with... but every body is different! there is an iud that has safer hormones the paraguard I believe.?


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