Back pain

ive been on birth control  for about two weeks(trinessa 28) and today I got some lower back pain😒. Is this normal and how should I deal with it? 

I get lower back time before my period sometimes, if it becomes and issue or lasts for a long time I would talk to your doctor about it.

Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain
Your spine is a complex network of bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, soft tissue, cartilage and nerves. So many things can go wrong with your back. But stem cell therapy for lumbar discs, herniated disc stem cell therapy and stem cell therapy for bulging discs can ease your pain and repair the damage. Additionally, you can get an injection of stem cells for disc regeneration.
?If you re living a nightmare of everyday?back pain, it may be time for?regenerative medicine. Traditional treatments offer a limited number of options, ranging from medication to surgery.While you can cover the pain and mask the symptoms with medications and injections? ?or even undergo surgery and extensive rehab? there are no guarantees that your pain will end. In many cases, pain management just becomes a part of your life.?Stem cells?for disc regeneration is fast becoming the go-to procedure if you ve who ve suffered from?back injuriesor chronic back pain.The Latest in Stem Cells for Disc RegenerationA safe and proactive alternative to invasive procedures and narcotics is herniated disc stem cell therapy and other stem cell procedures that target back pain. Stem cell technology is changing the way people view chronic pain. Instead of having to cut or fuse your spine, your very own stem cells can be used to treat the source of your pan directly.


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