What kind of birth control are you on?

OK so I knew it would happen sooner or later Saturday night my bf and I had unprotected sex and I let him cum inside me because I wanted it that way. Sunday afternoon mom was washing our underwear and finds moist semen in my panties. 
She knows I have been sexual active for over a year and has spoken to me about the use condoms many times. She did not get mad at me but has made an appointment next week with our family Dr to get me checked out and birth control. I am 17 years olds and my question to the gurls is what kind of birth control are you all on and the pros and cons.    

First of all, you are being extremely irresponsible, do you want to get pregnant?
No form of birth control on it's own is 100% effective, Doctors will recommend that you use two types of BC together. Wether it's pills and condoms or condoms and spermicides, whatever combination.
Because even if you do get on the pill, letting your man cum inside of you "because you want it that way" can lead to an unwanted pregnancy.
You need to talk to your doctor about what types of BC you are interested in, everyone is different so a doctor is going to know what is going to work best with your body.
I personally took pills for years and they were good for a long time, but in the end I hated the things that they did to my body and finally decided to stop them and my boyfriend and I use condoms now, but thats just me, and I am quite a few years older than you so the hormones will effect me differently than you.
^ This is a link to a reliable source that will give you factual information about all the different types of BC available to you, read it and think about what is going to work well for you. Think about what you want more info about and write down/remember questions you want answered by your doctor.

I'm on microgestin and the pros is that it seems to be very effective :) but I suggest talking to your doctor to see which method is right for you because everyone's body chemistry is different. 

Ok this is where I am now with birth control. Mother and I had a hour long talk where she told me about her on and off 16 year history taking bc pills with a lot of problems. She told me she always hoped that a better bc pill would come along for her daughters. She told me she has had a copper IUD for 6 years with very little trouble. After our talk I knew I did not want the pill. I have had a Skyla IUD since June 4. The insertion was not pleasent, PMS like cramps for 3 days and spotting for 5 days. I had a period last week that was a week early but was somewhat normal. Right now I believe I made the right choice.

I'm 18 and have been on Lo Loesterin Fe (or LoLo) for roughly a month. It's a low hormone pill but it works well, and the only side effect I've had are some minor headaches, but thats all! Every body will react differently, but I'm really happy with this medicine and I'd reccomend it to anyone.

IUD. Pros: Once it's in, you don't need to worry about anything, ever. Cons: The insertion can be very uncomfortable (and I've heard sometimes downright painful), and you might be sore for a little bit once it's in. But it goes away.

Seriously, I recommend the IUD to everyone.

I got a Skyla June 4 and I love it.

I'm currently on the pill - which is fine for me as because I take other medication I (most of the time) take it on time. I've only missed about 5 so far the whole year I have been on it.

None.  I tried condoms in the past with my ex(es), but they just plain suck.  But with my boyfriend, just pulling out.

I took Yaz/Yasmine for two years before it was recalled. I went off of it and realized that's what had been making me a basket case!! I've tried other ones but my body is too sensitive I think. So right now I'm on Lo loestrine, and its been great for me!! But yes, take it from someone with personal experience of going a month off of bc and not using condoms, don't ever have sex without any form of bc. I got pregnant and had to get my surgery since I knew that I'm not ready to bring a baby into this world yet. I had to take two weeks off of school and work, and while the surgery was inexpensive and only 10 minutes (the procedure anyway), I was in a lot of pain afterwards and was very emotional. I tell my parents everything since I've always been very close to them, and they weren't mad and they were completely supportive with either decision.

So, unless you can take two weeks off at any time and feel comfortable telling your parents that your pregnant, then I wouldn't have sex without protection. 

Im on IMPLANON its a lil rod that goes in your arm for 3 years and it doesnt affect your hormones .... matter fact now its called NEXPLON.....

First of all when i started reading this i assumed you were on the pill already. The fact that you let him cum inside you before you were on it is super irresponsible. When i told my mom i was going to start having sex, i got birth control first, knowing that condoms can go wrong.. Dont ruin you life with a baby, you wouldnt want to bring one into the world if you werent capable of giving it the life it deserves.
Second, I started a generic brand of Alesse. Its fantastic. Its monphasic so that you wont be changing hormones too much throughout the month (so less side effects) and i regulated my body perfectly.
Good Luck

In the past, I was on Depo-Provera which is a shot you get every 13 weeks. I was on it for two years and it made me gain weight in the last year so I switched. I am now on the NuvaRing which is this little flexible ring that you insert at home every 21 days. My boyfriend and I don't use condoms anymore (but we should). It's always best to use another type of contraceptive with birth control because there's alway that chance. Also, if you're like me and don't remember to take your birth control, or don't use it correctly, it loses it's effectiveness. Anyhow, my boyfriend says he doesn't feel it most of the time. I don't love it because I'm quite forgetful, I mess up my changing schedule all the time, and it's easy to forget it's in there. Not to mention the overly-abundant, mucus-like discharge all the time. So, I decided I'm switching to the IUD soon. You can't forget to change it or anything like that, which makes it the most effective type of birth control (next to abstinence).

Orto tri cycln pills  and condoms.  I prefer lifestyle Skyn

First of all, I have to call out @alegnatm for a second. @alegnatm, while I can honestly see your heart is in the right place, the way you responded to @Janice_Lynn went too far. Yes it is true that no contraceptive method is 100% effective and her choices weren't exactly the wisest and risked pregnancy, the way you said this sounded unnecessarily judgmental. This girl is coming to this forum for help, not judgment and if we judge or shame her, she and other girls won't come to these helpful resources for help. 

Now, that being said @Janice_Lynn, to respond, I would say that it is great that you are seeing a health care professional. It is very important to regularly see a gynecologist for checkups, especially since you are now sexually active. In terms of birth control, you have a lot of options, and I would suggest asking doctor as many questions as possible and take time to figure out what is right for you and your partner. While I don't encourage letting a partner ejaculate in you because of the pregnancy risk (also an STI risk if not monogamous and tested regularly), if you choose to do that I strongly recommend a LARC (long acting reversible contraceptive), as something like the pill or the patch is not going to be reliable. I am currently taking the Pill (have been for about 4 years) and even I sometimes have my doubts as to whether it is the best choice for me, but insurance is a b***h. Something such as the shot, implants, or IUD's are some methods I strongly suggest considering, but definitely research all of the methods. I wish you the best of luck.

BTW I literally just saw you responded after I posted my first thing. I am glad you found something that is working for you. If nothing else, I hope that what I posted helps other people with similar questions.

Im on the depo provera shot. It can cause weight gain but 30% of women who are on it dont, so far I haven't.

oh i forget feb 10th i get a tubal liagation but may continue depo.

I'm on the implanon which (after accidentally finding out that I can VERY easily get pregnant) seems to be working well :) A few really bad headaches the first couple of nights; irregular period for a while but it seems to have temporised. I always use barrier control as well for safety's sake, even though it is only with the one guy who I know is healthy, no diseases or anything.
I know it is stupid for me to say and quite hypocritical, but please please pleeeease be careful about unprotected sex. In one way I'm a good person to tell you, because being forced to make a decision (I believe it was completely up to me, not to my sexual partner) is a really tough thing to go through.
Be safe and good luck!

Primary Ortho tri cyclene ? ? guys always wear condom or I insert female condom

Im currently on Valette birth control pills, it also helps with mild acne, so far all my pimples have gone and also i went from a b-cup to a c-cup within the time ive been using this and i cant think of any another reason as to why but these pills for weight is a side effect.?

I'm currently using Micronor - a brand of mini pill. It's going okay.


i wanna tell you that?last years i got myself check in august and also on birth control when i told my boyfriend i got myself check and i told him in september he need to go get himself!!! I use the condom like few time in september and then like 4 months he havent use the condom on me and in march i use the condom I been worried and stress out!!! Please help me what should i do ???

yaz and cndoms

Im on prozac and aderal. Im not really sure which birth conrols would work for me with out messing up my meds. Dose anyone have suggestions??

I'm on the depo shot, I will say it's not been the best on my body so I might switch but everyone is different.

Nexplanon. Insertion was a breeze and it's one of the most effective. Currently no crazy side effects except light spotting that just started today. Hopefully that's all the side effects I get. ?

^^Also I've read that antipsychotics and antidepressants?can mess with many hormonal birth controls but don't affect Paragard because it's non hormonal?

I have a Skyla that was placed in me last Friday. So far so good just a few cramps and a little spotting over the weekend. My goals are no babys and no periods.?

I was on the pill but scared my mom would find them
I now have an iud


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