Emergency Birthconrol, help pls!

Hey girls, long story short, I had unprotected sex (with my longterm boyfriend of 2 years now) last saturday. He ejaculated inside me although not deep. We both fear pregnancy and always use condoms. However, I was on my last day of my period, day 6, (I have very precise cycles of about 30 days give or take a day) and so I thought it would be ok to have unprotected sex and let him ejaculate inside me knowing there was a small chance at pregnancy.?

At the moment I am kind of panicking a bit, since I had some minor cramps and backpain and sore boobs. Currently it is tuesday night, so 3 days after we had sex. I won't get a chance to buy the morning after pill until tomorrow, which I am now intending to do. I read up and found out Ella One with ulipristal acetate is effective up till 5 days after.?

What do you guys think? Should I be very worried and do you guys have any tips or advice?

(P.s. it'll be back to condoms again for us, I won't take this stress again!)

Honestly, I'd recommend getting a pregnancy test at this point and deciding what to do from there. If it's negative, yay you won't have to worry. But if it comes back positive you're going to have to think about your options. Find a local clinic or planned parenthood near you and talk to them about the next steps you need to take.

And may I just recommend getting a second form of birth control just in case. Condoms are good but if you plan on having regular sex it's good to get a second type of birth control.


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