Dog licking

Been masturbating since i was 11 but recently after watching some porn with dogs i have been putting nutella on my clit and letting my labrador lick it off. ?The sensation is unreal and i have had many orgasams far beyond the intensity i could give myself. ?Sometimes his tongue goes partially into my vigina which also feels great but i dont encourage this and never masturbated with any penetrative tools so i dont think he can get in very far. This started as a what would happen moment when one afternoon i was working on my clit, fantasising?on the porn i had seen and decided to try nutella on my clit. Its become so i need it at least once a day. ?I am not afraid anyone will find out as both my parents work and i have no sisters or brothers. CAN anyboby see a negitive to this as my pouch seems to enjoy it and Should i stop this and go back to rubbing myself. ?Its a male dog and sometimes his penis comes out a little bit while hes licking but after having him for the last five years ?this happens sometimes anyway.

that's disgusting

that's so gross


lol :))))) ?Instead I would like to put nutella on my clit and a boy lick it . But not many boys like to lick vagina when I am wet?

Everything about this thread is disgusting. Stop. The bacteria on a dogs tongue can be fatal if it gets into the blood stream of a human being. ?Not to mention consent of an animal is dubious.

I know this is a troll post obviously, but some may see it as otherwise.

Also on the last reply, if no guy wants to lick you when wet it may be your diet makes you smell/taste disgusting or you have poor hygiene.


You know nothing about me , I do not have poor hygiene and I am not dirty, the boy does not like , maybe you have poor hygiene .


LOL what a stupid comment. ?You are the one whom 'many boys' find disgusting to go down on, the rest of us haven't got that problem.

Someone's fake.?



that's disgusting. Dog, cat, doesn't matter. If it doesn't make you sick, makes you mind sick.?

I wish I could unread this whole thing.


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