While many people are aware of this, gurl is no longer a safe forum. Although it presumably targets adolescent females, it does not respect our privacy, or need for a safe space. There are some clear dangers with the forum.

1) No moderation. This means, anything goes on the forum unfortunately. Many abusive and predatory users exist here, and without moderators clearly enforcing guidelines, it means illegal and inappropriate behaviour can exist here.
2) No control of user base. Anyone can open an account on GURL. Anyone with an email. This means that both predatory people who aren't teenage females (often, but not always males) exist here, again without consequences. It also means that users under the age of 13 can access this website, which is ethically wrong - especially when they do not have supervision of parents.
3) Public Forum.?Gurl is a publicly available forum - no content in the forums is protected from the wider Internet. What I'm saying is anyone with an Internet browser is able to view all forum posts. Yes, there are many lurkers here who do not have accounts. If you search the keywords "masturbation forum" into Google, this subforum of gurl is the first link to pop up. That means that there must be a vast amount of traffic on this website - and likely with malicious intent.?If anyone here uses their own personal photos as their avatar (profile picture), that means your writings/forum posts on the website can be traced back to you.?

I'm not saying that this website needs to be shut down. But I think this website is unsafe, and all members should question whether it is worth staying here.?

yeah, this has been covered over and over again for many months now.? there's also been an alternative forum for us girls available for almost a month if you are really that tired and scared of this place...join us there.

Where is the new place?

pm me, i can send you the link if you want it.

I don't buy half the stories or things that are said on this site. It's become a place for guys to come in and jerk off to things that they think real teenage girls (and sometimes real) say?


I agree Sammy, this isn't the forum I hoped it would be.?

I agree Sammy, it really frustrates me with this place. I avoid gurl nowadays, for that reason.?

Join us in our other forum, most of the girls from here are already there!! Send a PM to @brandneweyes00 or me and will reply with the link!! :)


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