owning a sex toy?

Do you own any sex toy? How you got the first one and how old were you then?

No, I don't own any.

I bought my first vibrator a few months back. I'm 20 and decided that I should take the plunge. It's a little Lelo pocket vibe. Very fast and rather good at doing what it should.?

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No I only watch porn sometimes at porneo.com I don't like this toys?


i am under 18 - so it is forbidden for me to go in sexshop and buy.
But my toys are banana, carrot and cucumber or hair- and toothbrush.

I have an electric toothbrush that I use over my knickers. I've never been in to a sex shop but I would like a vibrator

I don't own any but I use my sharpie pen and a carrot :)

... but I would like a vibrator

Oh yes, me tooooo

I have never been in sex shop as well. But i was looking at some websites and I found some interesting lelo vibrators that i would like to have. But those one are too expencive. I found some cheeper ones, so i guess i could order it online. But im not enough brave to do that

I do not have a credit card to order online and if my parents get and open the parcel, what I will say ? :D

I can use ny parents credit card sometimes. As i know they cant sew what i have paid, but the problem is if they open the box before i do :/

No, but I sometimes watch porn on?http://www.porneo.com/ it's really heady




I would love to try a vibrator, but as you have already said, age forbids. I have been looking a lot recently at wish.com, if you search for 'sex toys' there are all kinds of vibrators that appear - really cheap too!!


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