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Im just curious when other people started masturating??
I started masturbating when i was like 9 or 10, though didnt realize what i was actually doing, but by the time i was 13 til the age 15 I pretty much did it all the time. I easily did it up to 5 times day. side note

It's totally normal to do it more times at a young age, mainly when we discover it. It's also because the older we become the more responsibilities we get and less the time we can dedicate to ourselves

I start doing it amat age 13, so at the beginig i was doing it like 1-2 timea a week because i feel kinda guilty. But after that feeling disapeared i do it at least twice a day or whenever i want to.

i was exploring at around 10 too but it wasn't really masturbating i guess, more like "oh that feels nice when i touch there". when i was 12 i got more had my first orgasm from just experimenting more and after that i did it a lot each day. nowadays it's mostly once a day before? going to bed, sometimes twice when i have the time to do it.

I do know what you mean Just.beth, I dont think i knew what i was doing, only that it felt good. This is super embarrassing but until i was 13 i mostly humped a pillow i had just because it felt good, wasnt really sure why. Natali, i definitely know what youre saying about the guilty feeling when you first started. The overwhemling feeling made me feel like i was doing something i wasnt suposed to be doing haha

yup definitely when i was younger, like 12/13.

Between 14 and 15 was usually at least twice a day

I started at 12 but at 13 I started doing it almost daily.?

It seems like most people started around similar times?but wow it seems like i was doing it a lot more frequently. Haha makes me wonder why i was doing it so much more now?

Hmm... thanks a lot for your answer

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I stated aroud I was 8 years old but in that time I didn't knew what I was doing!! stupid but lately I usually masturbated while I played fashion games dressing the dolls in a very provocative form XD .... Now I do it aroud once at month.

I started masturbating when I was like 12, now I masturbate daily, after school if I am home alone, but mostly in my bed before sleeping. Once I did it 3 times it was saturday rainy day and I was home alone most of the time

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Hi Andante, your experience sounds similar to how i was when i was at that time as well. I pretty much came home from school, had a snnack, and then went to my room, except i think i was just doing it more often. Some days i was doing it 5 times but minimum 2 or 3 times

I remember being curious about the stuff inside my panties and exploring my bits already when I was 9 or 10 but it doesn't really count as masturbation, it was more just curious looking and touching. I discovered masturbation for real when I was 11 years old and then in matter of days I was totally hooked :) All the way ever since I've done it 2 or 3 times per day, sometimes even more.. I'm 14 now and I still love it and could not stop even if I wanted.. So, I guess that means I do it the most right now :)

I had my first orgasm when I was 9 - I had no idea what I was doing, I just was lying on my bed one day in shorts and a T shirt, rubbing the general area, which felt nice and suddenly, bang - wow. I had no idea what it was but knew I liked it and I wanted more.... over the 4 years between then and now, I have perfected how I do it and now I can almost orgasm to order....

i have been masturbating ever since...

I have never been caught - yet - but I am sure my mum knows what I do, I think my younger sister suspects too....

When I first discovered masturbation I was seriously hooked. I did it at least twice a day for a good long while in my early-mid teen years. I've slowed down a lot now but I still enjoy it. I doubt I'll ever give it up.

I discovered it when I was 11 and immediately wanted more (once I realized it wasn't something bad for me). I used to feel guilty but I still got into the habit and now it helps me a lot when I feel stressed out (or just for fun).

I started really about 12, probably do it more now (I'm 15) especially right before my period

I started when I was 11 and went at it a lot, but I slowed down quickly after the first year.

MissRed03:?I discovered it when I was 11 and immediately wanted more (once I realized it wasn't something bad for me). I used to feel guilty but I still got into the habit and now it helps me a lot when I feel stressed out (or just for fun).

I started it when I was 12. After discovering this?great world, I got quickly hooked on that. I wanted more and more, so my masturbation frequence increased constantly. At 13 and 14 I did it two or three times a day.... that was my high point. Now as I started to go into high school, and i have so much to do, this number fell back. My currently status: four-five times a week...
But now im much more prefessional, than ever before... ;)

I started when 7 or 8. I can't remember how I started but my cousin and I would do it together. I didn't know what I was doing when I first started doing it. I would do it before bed, when I was in the bath, and when I got home from school. I did it most right after I graduated high school.?I still do it now and I do it most now when my period is about to start and towards the end of my cycle. It is like I can't help it and I can go all night long. I have to stop myself especially when I have to be up early the next day. But once my period arrives I think, "oh it all makes sense now lol".

Early on when I discovered orgasms I definitely masturbated a lot, like hugely obsessed. I was like a 12 year old pimply boy except I was a 17 year old woman who'd missed out on years of teenage orgasms. For some inexplicable reason I just never got turned on in my early teens. No idea why. It was suddenly during a family holiday at 17 something clicked inside me and for a few increasingly tense and wet nights something gradually seeped into my body and turned me from this disinterested grumpy teenager into an insanely horny sweaty stick of dynamite that eventually exploded!

The night I had my first orgasm will be etched into my brain forever. I spent a lot of that evening trembling in my shorts, feeling so unbearably horny I wanted to scream. At about 2am sitting at the kitchen table I was so charged up I nearly punched the wall. My vagina was just so massively puffed up, hot wet and twitching, that I just couldn't keep my hands out of my shorts. A bit of nipple play eventually pushed me over the edge and I had contractions that clamped down so hard they nearly crushed my fingers.

There is defintely something a bit special about that first orgasm, especially that point where the tension is so high you are trembling and whimpering uncontrolably and you somehow know that you just have to push on through those insane feelings even though you're a bit scared. I do sometimes wish I could go back to that night and re-live it (the buildup to that first orgasm lasted for ages and the orgasm itself was just unbelievable - probably to this day still the longest and most intense I've ever had, just huge!!!). Maybe even go back to bed, force myself to postpone it to the next night, and try to go to sleep so that the next day I'd start up again and it would be even more intense. Actually I suspect if I had done that I would have just gone BANG in my sleep!

So yeah... once it finally occurred it took a little while but I definitly settled into a regular masturbation routine and that was probably the time I did it the most. I had loads of orgasms in my sleep around that time too - they were amazing. Took about 10 days of leaving myself along before it happened which was reeeeeally difficult and nearly drove me mad but OMG it was worth it!!!!

Dang. Well that sounds amazing

Well I suddenly have to need to relieve myself


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