Think I had posted this question awhile ago, but when Brandneweyes asked this on another threat, thought I'd re-create the topic.

Has anyone (okay, okay - besides me) ever tried to perform oral on themselves? ?How close could you get?

I tried when I was back in high school (I'm 22 now), never came close. :(

Have to be flexible hahaha

Fuck off, BOY.


Go fuck yourself

I honestly don't think this is even possible unless you work in a circus :p

But nope, never tried it before

I wish this was possible, but so far, no luck lol

I think you would have to be made of cartilage instead of bones to pull this off. Like if you were part shark maybe. :)

I have never tried because I know I would never be able to reach.

There are guys who have been able to though I think.

haha I dont know if that is even possible, but when i was like 11 or 12 i used to roll my legs over my head, but it was more to try and see my vagina and what it looked like in different positions, but never for "self-oral" just wanted to see what a guy might see if i was to have sex (I was still a virgin at this time so was just pure curiousity about my own body).?

Haha I didnt think this was even possible. Like youd have to be made of rubber or something :o?

Haha I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that has tried!!!

There are guys who have been able to though I think.

There are PLENTY of guys who can (soooo unfair!) ?Just google it sometime - page after page of guys who can do it.?

I once heard about a girl who got her cat to do it to her

I once heard about a girl who got her cat to do it to her

That's...kind'a gross. And not self-oral, either.

I would never leave my house haha

not possible for me

I just was curious, not possible to do that for me )

I'm not a gymnast and certainly not that bendy. Is that even possible?

It would certainly be a handy trick on those lonesome weekends. Seriously I did try it when I was a teenager and never came anywhere close. Just as well, I'd probably throw my spine out of whack.

I wish that I was a boy with a penis, so much easier to accomplish.

I read that it's possible for a guy if he is a contortionist and has a long dick.? Two or three men in a thousand can supposedly do it. ?? I never heard of a girl doing herself.? I know I can't.

Well... this looks like a job for tumblr... I mean, I love watching a guy do it, and then swallowing his own load, but I would LOVE to see a gir do it!

I haven't tried giving myself oral but I've also put my legs over my head to see my vagina and anus. I may have masturbated a bit too.?


if it was possible the internet would be full of videos of girls doing it!

I always had this crazy thought, but never succeeded. Would be fun otherwise :)

Look up Sophie Dossi. If anyone can do it, she can. Lucky bitch. Lol?


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