So I would love everyone's input. I have been masturbating since I was a young teenager and probably even a little before that. Always have achieved orgasm the exact same way every time... humping something, usually a towel. That's fine and all, but I am married and have been with my husband now for 6 years, and I hate not being able to orgasm any other way but my towel! My poor husband is so patient and tries everything for me, but i just can't get off any other way I have found. I have tried dildos, shower heads, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, just plain old fingers and even me on a towel with him behind me and I can't seem to do it! Ik humping is a juevinile way most start masturbating but I feel I never graduated that stage. I was on anxiety meds that decreased my libido but have changed meds now and that problem, is gone. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions or things you recommend? Thank you!?

First off, don't feel guitly for ror not geing able to climax. A lot of women go through the same thing. Something you can try is clit sensitizer. Adam & Eve have a few different types . here's the ink: If that doesn't help, it might be helpful to get proffesional help from a doctor or your OB/GYN. Not that anything is wrong, they just may be able to teach you techniques to help you climax.


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