At a young age

Hey ladies!! When you were younger, did you guys ever "play doctor" with your friends and see their private parts? I don't know if this was normal or not but I remember doing this when I was little.?

yea I did this too with my friends, most people I know have done it actually, I think it's normal.?

Yea I did that. For some reason we did it in secret, hid behind a chair, which in hindsight wasn't very secret at all.

Kind of weird isn't it? Why did we call it "Playing Doctor"? I guess we were just imitating what the doctor did? Maybe we were just curious?

Its a fairly normal activity? Not particularly playing doctor.? Had other names. Showsy Touchy for instance.

hey yeah i also remember playing "doctor" or a game called catchy kissy or sometimes more than a kiss with my girlfriends and a few of the boys from the street i grew up i thought it was just me that had done this xx michelle xx


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