does anyone else like edging? Like you masturbate and stop when youre about to orgasm and start again? How long can you go before you orgasm?

i do it, and how long i go depends sometimes when i'm trying to edge that one last little rub is too much haha

Thats true! I tease myself so much that if i go a little over i orgasm

Oh I know the feeling oh too well ;)

It's probably my favorite way to masturbate. If I have the time and privacy I try to go for at least an hour. :)

Nice if i can concentrate and be patient i can go an hour too! Only happens sometimes though.

When did it last happen?

Like last weekend. Had the day to myself :)

Never been able to go a whole hour, but would love to, my problem is that once I?m close and stop playing with my pussy that I usually go for anal pay, I just can't seem to just lay and catch my breath, a friend told me to rub my nipples with an ice cube while edging as a way to prolong, it was nice for a bit but made my nipples cold, I think she was just trying to have me keep my hands busy.

Ive tried using ice on my pussy but not my nipples. Ill try that too

I edge every the time for 30 - 45 mins.I dont use anything.?

Yeah I don't use anything either. Well besides me hands. :P?

Wait, you cant orgasm using just your mind? Haha :)

Yes I have done this and it's great! I do it if I am home alone and can take my time I can get close 5 or 6 times before I have to orgasm?

Yeah that is the only time i really get to do it is when i know ill have the house to myself for awhile. I really like to make it last as long as i can.

I didnt know there was a name for it. lol.. I guess I do it a lot. I like to try to make it last

nice lisa, how long can you make it last?

Its the main way i like to do it. Making it last a really long time makes the end result so much better. :)

orgasming using just your mind is called thinking off. I have heard of it but I cannot do this.

I agree bella! When i edge and tease a lot it builds up this tension and it feels amazing when i finish

Thats the whole point of edging to build it up.

iv tried it and i can do it about 5 or 6 times befor a orgaim and iv tried the ice on my pussy and nipples and it works i love edging

I've always wanted to try so badly sicne I ehard that when you finally do hit the orgasm it's amazing. But quite frankly, when I egt close I can't stop. It jsut feels too good for me to stop.

You know, you all need to find a man that can edge you and tease you properly...edging is always much better when you aren't in control of it ..... and it's great with feathers too ....

Have you found a man who is willing to put the time in? I have found that guys get inpatient and wants to get off themselves and forgets all about edging you.

I love to do this too. Usually I can only for about 30 minutes though before going too far.

i sometimes edge for over an hour...

edging <3 I only have enogh time for this... ;)


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