Masturbation with others


Once in collage at an all girls party, I found it very exciting it was when I first found an interest in other women, I have watched my husband jerk off and I find that watching a woman is much more satisfying, with a man all you do is look at his hand going up and down on his dick, with girls we seem to like to play with our breasts and not only finger our pussies put rub our clit. A guy is always in a hurry to cum we seem to like to take our time.

I'd like to with some via skype.
If someone wants to do it message me?

I've admitted to myself I'm actually dying to have some straight girl fun and fuck a girl and play with her it's driving me crazy I have to experience it , an I the only one??

Me too, i would like to have that kinda of experience with girl. I had once but that was just kissing and touching


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