Nipple Torture

Huh? Did someone say "nipple torture"? What? Oh wait. I said it. Haha. Anway, Nipple Torture is my wierd way of screaming in delight at my on fire nipples!!! I would share it with you, but I'm not gonna, because it's my little secret. Not. Okay, what the heck, I'll just tell y'all 'cause no one will read this in the end. I'm THAT unpopular. Here goes- put Crest/ Colgate/ Sensodyne/ what ever mint toothpast you have in a thick layer on your nipples. Leave it there for about 3-5 minutes, and you will feel-
Never mind. You'll see when you try it.
P.S: Please comment what you felt. I'm DYING for friends and comments!

What the heck did I just read??

@SammyB_16 ?Its someone puts toothpaste on their nipples, meaby it makes them taste better?? idk

Lol maybe. That made me lol literally?

My nipples are emotionless

Lmao i cant take this seriously but hey to each is own. 👍


Ditto, my nipples are wondering why this even happened

Nipples are mysterious things...

U could probably do this on ur clit

there's all sorts of other kinds of nipple torture too....


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