Addicted to online masturbation?

For many years now I've been in online chat rooms for masturbation. Something about it is such a turn on, maybe it's the strangers you know you'll never come across again? Either way I can't seem to stop it. When I have free time at home that's what I enjoy doing. Anyone else?

I used to do it but I was caught by my brother so I stopped doing it.?

nah, i've never had any interest in this sorta thing.

Have done it a few times but not not chat sites, But not for quite a while now.

i used to on stickam, but haven't found anything like it lately... miss the naughtyness a bit

i like watching guys and girls on their webcams on

I love chatting with people. They tell me what to do. And where to do it. It's so arousing.

jasmine (and others that still tease sometimes) ?what site do you like to visit to tease hehe

I havent done video but i like to talk about stuff lol. are there sites for that?

I used to have back and forth sexual role-play with another women on her blog, it was wonderful unfortunately has closed her blog, I enjoy a great sex life with my husband, but fantasy play with another woman is great and I find myself getting wet just thinking about it, hardly go a few hours without releasing myself..=9pt ?=9ptI also find that emailing erotic stories back and forth is also good.

Jasmine, I want to try this as well. Where do I get started? I want to chat with girls online that want to masturbate with me There are a lot of creepy guys and a lot of bots on there, but if you're patient you can usually find a girl to talk to.?

I like it too. Chat, watch ane being watched!

you can chat with me, i never done it but i would like to do it

hell yea im down! Message me!

Always wanted to try as well!

WTH has happened to this site?

Shut up, troll?


Don't give them anymore attention. They're just trying to annoy you and when they see they don't get what they want, they'll get bored. They're also pretty obviously someone who's had another account on here that just got banned, so just pretend they don't exist.

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