Enjoy being watched?

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Do you don't you? I find it really thrilling being watched!

Yes I find it thrilling and very arousing for a guy to watch me more so as I am about to get there and when I get there.

yes i love being watched it feels so slutty

I have never been watched but the idea of it seems to be really exciting. I would also like to watch someone too. :)

Yes I have been watched - and watched another girl

I have been watched by a guy, which gave me complex emotions, overall I would say it was a turnon, but swirling around in my brain were ego and shame of various kinds, it made me feel slutty for sure.

I have been watched by a girl, it was pleasant, she is a friend not a romantic interest, she touched my shoulder, it was relaxing and sweet.

But I bet every situation is different based on the context of your relationship with that person.


lol that's very well put actually! yeah it sure matters who is watching you x

It depens who's watching ;) but I love it in general

Ummm... It kind of freaks me ot if some one watched me masturbate!

I have been watched and watch another girl online

My friends and cousin do it togather quite often,(only to ourselves not eachother) We find it a great turn on.

I love being watched, as someone said up there, feels slutty.. massive turn on to have strangers watch me.

@Vicky_666 ?There is NO way I would let or want Strangers watching me masturbate

I would like to watch others but I don't think I would like to be watched.


@Amy261 (Thats cheating)?You want your cake and eat it lol ?

hehe yeah I guess so!

I love looking at myself in the mirror if that counts lol....? I can do it in front of someone if they join in and not just watch

I agree Lisa the mirror can be good company :)

i'm a bit of an exhibitionist so yes i enjoy being watched, and love watching too.... haha webcams are fun :-D

Oh I'm a bit of an exhibitionist too ;) I love showing off my body;)

I LOVE BEINING WATCHED TOO. I go nude around the house. It's just me and my mom and she don't care. She goes nude sometimes. I think she's the coolest mom in the world.

I love being watched. I often wear a dress or skirt without panties so I have easy access. I have fingered myself at bars, restaurants, movie theaters, on the bus, in restrooms (sitting on the counter) and I love it.

I love standing in front of a window with a finger in my wet pussy as people can see. Even in hotel rooms. I have waited in hotels until housekeeping comes around and been on the bed with fingers or a vibrator inside me and let the housekeeper come in and see me. Some have started fingering their own pussy and watch and others want to lick me.

I have been at home years ago and had my father, my brother and my mother all see me masterbating. I did not stop. After my father saw me getting off, I know he was taking my soiled panties. I always made sure I left my panties on a had many orgasms wearing them so they were soaked. It tuned me on know my mother had to take the wet, cum soaked panties to the laundry. I am pretty sure she smelled them at least if not even wore then

What has happened to this site? Jeez.

My thoughts exactly Vanessa.


Why is it that when a woman masturbates in public it is sexy, but when a man does it he's a pervert. I feel that masturbation should be shared with loved ones & very good friends in private, ladies if we demand to be treated as equals in this world we need to live by the same rules as men. and OMG NEVER IN FRONT OF FAMILY.

Tiffanyheels posts stuff like that yet I'm the one accused of being a fake. Tiffany your penis is showing?

Maybe if guys didn't invading the site and saying things that creep out young teenage girls, it wouldn't be a dead forum?

Sounds like the guys' problem, then.

Why does it matter to you how lively this site is? Are you missing things to masturbate to??

Honestly LOVE being watched it's such a turn on

my gang member boyfriend likes me sit on his lap naked in front of the other gangsta friends. i enjoy watching how other guys get emotional when he feels me up. sometimes he fingers me till i orgasm and they say how hot and beautiful i am. so i must enjoy this.?

watch me masturbating my hard cock and shooting cum everywhere... uhh.. ahhh... skype: jimbeam7775

Masturbator: get off of this sight you prevent.

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