Squirt School!

Anyone interested in getting a squirt School together?

I've met a lot of girls who want to learn how. Maybe we could work together!!


is this possible? is this like a workshop?

is there hands on experience? LOL this sounds so funny

If there is a special technique I'd love to know

I am not sure I even want to do this, it would be more to clean up, does it actually feel better for the girl (like a more intense orgasm) or is it just to show off or impress guys?? Probably a dumb question that is what I am best at!!

Yes it's a pain in the arse to clean up but it definitely feels better! (wouldn't do it otherwise!)

There is a book online for free calkled The Clitoral Truth by Rebecca Chalker. Chapter 3 is on female ejaculation which presumably explains this phenomeon. I don't think I believe it but here is a pertnent part of how men do not even compare to women with citations and explanations.~~HOW MUCH DO WOMEN EJACULATE?There have been different estimates of how much fluid women
ejaculate. Sevely found that "the amount of prostatic fluid released
through the female urethra may be as much as 126 milliliters (about
one quarter of a cup, or four ounces)." 43 A quarter of a standard
eight-ounce cup is actually two ounces, so it is not clear which
measurement Sevely actually means. In The G Spot, Whipple and
Perry reported that the amount of female ejaculate varied from "a
few drops to about a quarter of a teaspoon," although they
acknowledged that the range could be as high as a cup (eight ounces)
or more. 44 Desmond Heath, a New York psychiatrist who conducted
an extensive inquiry into the subject of female ejaculation over
several years, suggests that "the pararuethral glands of Skene are
capable of producing and ejecting impulses, associated with sexual
stimulation, a clear watery fluid [from] two openings either side of
the urethral meatus at a rate of 30 to 50 ccs [7 to 15 ounces] in 30 to
50 seconds." 45 Cabello Santamaria and Nesters report that they
collected "up to 16 ml," or about five and one-half ounces.In my own queries to women who ejaculate, estimates vary
widely from a few drops to repeated gushes that require a mop up.
One interviewee, Jenna, unabashedly classifies herself as a "gusher":I used to take a towel to bed, but the ejaculate would soak
through four thick folds and then I could literally ring the
towel out. Finally I got a lambskin mat, which doesn't allow
the liquid to seep through, and it's washable. Still, I often
have to mop the floor when I'm finished. I have developed
the ability to manipulate myself to repeatedly release
ejaculatory fluid, given enough engorgement of erectile
tissues and state of arousal.?Danielle told me:One lover I had didn't believe in ejaculation, even after she
squirted a dime- sized puddle on the bathroom floor one
night. We smelled it and it had a mild, indefinable odor, but
she thought it was urine. Then once, when I was sort of
curled up in her arms with my knees behind her shoulder -
splat! - I ejaculated all over her face and arms - I don't recall
it as an orgasm necessarily, just very intense pleasure. After
we recovered from our surprise, we evaluated it and decided
that it would fill at least one standard test tube and about half
of another [about an ounce and a half]. At that point, she
changed her mind.How can we account for the enormous variation in the amount of
ejaculate? We know that the amount of male ejaculate ranges quite a
bit, from one half to two ounces, and that the fluid produced by the
prostate is about 15-20 percent of this, so there is some variation in
the amount of prostatic fluid that men produce. It is clear, however,
that many women produce much, much more.

A link to The Clitoral Truth book
Chapter 3 is on Female Ejaculation
I believe 15 ounces is exaggerated since guys are usually an ounce and a half'


Hihi I really want to learn how to squirt :p

Ooh this sounds amazing, sign me up!! 😀

im in :)

when you ladies learn how to squirt I swear you will loveeeeeee it?

I want to learn too!


it's just more mess! lol. x


there are far too many words in there that I don't understand that maybe I should? lol

Hey ladies,

Sorry, had no Internet for soooo long!!

Anyways, this is where I learnt. Took me a while to get it right but it was so worth it! And the girl in the instructional video is super cute 😊

Sammy x


Looove that site!! @Sammy888

wow! the video on that site has made me soooo wet!

that is a normal reaction. But you can fix that problem (if it is a problem) with some personal time

The trick is just actually being able to do it now.

Oh, I didn't know they had instructions on how to do this lol. I'm excited to check it out.

Yeah, I had to be shown lol! Apparently not everyone is capable but most can with the right kind of stimulation.

Kinda makes me realise why guys play with themselves so much. It's such a release it like totally destresses me!

Just need to totally let go and not worry about any initial feeling of needing to pee. I always go to the bathroom first anyway to be sure. Oh, and put a towel down!!! 😊

'Hiya all, ?This is something I have wanted to since I was around 9yo but still not got it "mastered" am looking forward ?to reading the post by "SAMMY888" I hope it works. Has it worked for anyone else??
Take Care ?XXX
Thanks for the links your sweet :)

It says the video has been deleted :(

I've tried last weekend. I can't. ?I maybe need ?a guy to eat me down :)))

Hey all....I have been into kinky/bdsm scenes for 15 years and I can tell you that it is much easier to learn to squirt with someone who knows what they are doing .....?

I can squirt?

i squirted for the first time last night. i googled about it and found this thread hehe. it was amazing but im not too sure how to get it again!


Me too



im late but can someone private message me how to pleasee


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