Masturbation while driving

Have you ever masturbated wnhile driving and if so how did yoou make it not so obvious you were masturbating

I have, not on busy roads though! Most people can't see or won't notice what you're doing, but part of the thrill is knowing they might ;)

Is it really smart to do that while driving?

reason I ask is I tried it once jjeans undone hand in panties an a pssing trucer started honking i=his hrmns.
was windering if there is a way so its not so obvious

I have , though in the middle of nowhere. ?If you get your finger to your clit it shouldn't be too hard to make it not obvious.

No, it isn't the smartest thing to do.


I have, but not in awhile:

A few years back, I was in another city a few hours away visiting friends, and I met a really cute guy at my friends' house. We hit it off really well with amazing chemistry, we were boozing a little, and I was gearing up for him to rock my world that night ;) We were laughing, making eyes at each other, touching each other and playing it off, all the standard stuff out of flirting 101.

Then his girlfriend (who he definitely did NOT mention) showed up and abruptly took him home. Yikes.

I eventually went to sleep on the couch very drunk, very high, and very sexually aroused, and I tried to rub myself off while thinking about that guy, but a) I was too intoxicated to have an orgasm, and b) there were other people sleeping nearby, and I wasn't really up for putting on a show for them. Eventually I just passed out.

I woke up the next morning with a nasty hangover, but I had to hit the road to make it home because I had work to do that afternoon before the week began. Somewhere around halfway home, cruising down the mostly-empty highway, my hangover had mostly worn off, and I suddenly realized I was still ravenously horny from the previous night's unfulfilled sexual encounters (both with the guy, and later with myself). It was freezing cold outside my car, but it was definitely very warm and very wet between my thighs. I debated pulling over to take care of myself or keeping going, but I really needed to get home and I didn't want to lose time, so I kept driving. The drive was so boring, though, and now all I could think about was the awesome, wild, hot sex I didn't get to have with that guy. There was no one to talk to, and nothing to see, so I couldn't help but keep fantasizing about what we could have done together. Finally, I was so overcome with lust that I resolved to make myself come while driving.

It took a minute or two, always keeping one hand on the wheel & my eyes on the road, but I eventually managed to peel my leggings and undies down to my knees. After that, I slumped a little lower to hide myself a bit better, and just went to town: eyes glued to the road, left hand on the steering wheel, and right hand furiously making circles on my clit. I was already so desperately turned on, and the naughtiness of doing it while driving in public made me even hornier, that it didn't take much time at all for me to get off, and hard. I kept rubbing through it, and a few minutes later, I came a second time. The sweet release of all those feelings that had pent up over the past twelve-or-so hours made for a really memorable pair of orgasms.

I wouldn't say it was?obvious?what I was up to to anyone who could have seen me, but if anyone got the chance to stare for long enough (I don't think anyone did), they might have been able to figure it out. I kept my face forward and my eyes on the road the whole time, my mouth mostly hung half-open while I gasped, and other than the few seconds before/during my actual orgasms when my face probably scrunched up a bit and I involuntarily humped forward a couple times, I probably just looked like I was really intently focusing on driving. Most of the action was taking place below the windshield and windows.

All in all, it's not something I would go out of my way to do, but it was sorta fun, and felt absolutley incredible. My left hand definitely cramped from gripping the steering wheel during my second orgasm, though. There are a couple others times I had done it before, but that was the most recent, and definitely the most memorable.

Thanks for sharing the story and taking the time to read all that.. I'm kinda wet, eh.?

That sounds incredibly dangerous to me, but then again I've given roadhead so I can't really judge. I won't be driving for at least 2 more years, but I bet the thought will occur to me while stuck in traffic

I hope I'm never on the road anywhere near you selfish idiots:/.

I once had a cellphone just kind of between my legs when I was driving and it was set on vibrate. A gal pal of mine called and it almost sent me through the roof. I was never so happy to get a phone call! lol.


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