Do you have a masturbation partner?

What I mean by it is someone who you do it together (together together, over the phone, internet, whatever).

I did had someone once (through the web), but she disappeared. I liked it.?

I used to have but then recently she got a gf and so we stopped

My bf

This is how I got into my first lesbian relationship - I loved it!

I'll be your new one Gabs :P

long ago I masturbated with a girl on the phone. it was wonderful! Now we masturbate with my boyfriend together.

i never have but id try!? lol my kik is abrooks02820


that's one of the hottest things I've ever heard.

Yes, I agree with you

I play for a girls football (soccer) team and often fantazie about us all masturbating together, unfortunately to date only been able to do it with one of them

I am 17 and especially like masturbate internet (chatroulette, skype, phone) and often do this. I met some pretty foreign teenager on the internet and we have frequent relationships. Both of us enjoy great pleasure.
I wonder if you have so online masturbate partner?

seems legit...

I masturbate with my bf and gf at different times. Having someone there adds a certain dimension to the fun. I tried online but it didn't realy do much for me. I haven't exactly come across the finest assortment of males out there, or even females for that matter. Maybe I was on the wrong sites. If I'm alone, I prefer porn or better yet my own imagination.

I've never done it over the phone or on the Internet.?
I have a couple of close GF that I do it with. I love watching their faces or when they are using toys on themselves. So hot.?
Have also done it with a cousin.

Trish that's so hot. I'd love to do it with another girl or have her just watch me. I'd of course love watching her too?

I did it once with my best friend but I regret it now. It was just stupid.

I have done it online with another girl and it was great! I don't have an online partner though. I like the idea!


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