So a friend and I decided that when I have a full time job we are going to get an apartment together. Any tips for getting "business" done? And hiding toys?

Hiding toys should be pretty easy. Just make it clear that going through each other's possessions is a no-go, and avoid opening a closed bedroom door without knocking :)

If you each have your own room, it shouldn't be too different to living with your family. Good luck! :D

I'm sure she has the same idea. I'm sure she masturbates as much as the next girl, so even if she did find one of your toys, she might giggle a bit, but other than that, she probably won't care. I'd just keep them in a shoe box in my closet or under the bed. And I'm sure she's not rude enough to go through your things. Unless she's done something to prove that false.

Yeah, exactly. We're all the same. It's actually worse to be sexless.?

Just do it in front o her..or with her ;)

I'm sure she masturbates too. No need to be that secretive. I would think just your underwear drawer would be a good place to store toys?

The best way that I've found to hide toys is to just keep them at the bottom of my handbag/backpack thats always with me. That way I know that it's always with me and there is no chance of them being found by anyone else.
Just a suggestion



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