advice please!! :)

This might sound odd but I can't make myself orgasm using just my hands. When I first started masturbating as a teen, a friend and I would use the handle of a hair brush or the pillow humping method and that's how we both kind of learned I suppose. Now as an adult if I want to get myself off when the boyfriend isn't around I use a small vibrator. Does anyone else have this problem that they can't do it without electronics or does anyone have advice? I've tried rubbing my clit but sometimes it just goes numb after a while and I just end up feeling horny and frustrated! Any advice would be great!?

I have no advice because I have this exact problem! It's so annoying.


It's so annoying! And no matter what I try it just doesn't work!?

I hate getting turned on and not being able to finnish! It would be so much easier to be one of those girls that just had to poke their clit and cum lol! I have too many buttons to push lol?

Well what's the problem with the vibrator?? If your fingers or rubbing don't work...just use that.

brandneweyes00:Well what's the problem with the vibrator?? If your fingers or rubbing don't work...just use that.?

I watched an episode of that Howard Stern show, I think it's the one with Carmen Electra maybe? And they mentioned something about how using electronics can desensitise your clit and it makes it harder to cum during sex. It got me thinking that I skipped a lot of the learning stages :P?
and also... Sometimes I'd like to masturbate without waking up my boyfriend lol?

What about the water method?


Omg, yes I have this same issue! I find it so hard to cum unless I sprits my below with the showerhead! I think it's just hard for a lot of women to orgasm, especially using just hands. So I would definetely recommend using the showerhead to get off, quick, easy and most people own a showerhead!?

Sorry to hear about your orgasm problems, I have used a hairbrush handle, a sharpie and the humping things and showerhead, sometimes when I was younger. and sometimes even now, I never had problems with orgasms I usually use the edging method, ?I know some girls that have problems with orgasms, as they were just trying too hard and getting frustrated and that was stopping them orgasming and even getting sore.
Its best just to take things easy, find what works best for you and most of all DONT over do it.
I hope things works out well for you, and you will have the PLEASURE of an ?Orgasm very soon.
?Take Care

It might depend on how much you do it, but i would try taking a few days off, though for me thats hard to do, and then after a few days, make sure youre in a place without disruption, get yourself real turned on and then try it by only rubbing your clit. A few days off has helped me. Its worked for me before.?

I used to have this problem too, just don't focus too much on what you are doing.


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