Mmmmm...that felt good ;)

So I was showering at the gym today after working out and I was using a detachable showerhead. I know they can be great fun, but seeing as I was in a gym locker room I wasn't really trying to get off. I squatted down and hit myself with the water from behind to clean myself a little better and the stream of water hit my a**hole and my clit at the same was ahh-mazing!!! i didn't keep it going because I really didn't want to masturbate in a public place. But I thought about it all the way home and took care of business once I was safely in the privacy of my house. I wish I had a detachable showerhead at home so I could do that again! Anyone else like this combo of stimulation? I've tried anal before, but we couldn't get it in much at all...butt plugs have worked pretty well though. I think it feels like a second vagina. I think it would be super fun to have some a** play and some clit stimulation going on at the same time one day...

That sounds amazing! I have a detachable showerhead, but I have to set it up at my new place. I will have to try that, because I love anal and it seems like it will feel really good!!!?

I wish I had a detachable shower head! I'd be tempted to get my self off in public, just for the extra thrill of it

I've done it while driving down the highway a couple of times...It was a total rush because I really had to focus on my driving while I was doing it, and there were people passing me in their cars, so it was a little public, but a little private. I wouldn't recommend it is pretty dangerous!

We have a detachable shower head that is switchable between 'rainfall' and 'intense massage' - that is absolutely fantastic... as long as no-one else flushes the downstairs toilet because it loses a lot of pressure when that happens...

The detachable shower head is how I first learned how to masturbate although I didn't know that is what I was doing at the time, all I know is that it felt amazing and sent me to a place I have never been down there.. I have got myself hot in the gym shower before but I never really had the nerve to finish. Maybe one day I will 😉

Is that a group shower Lisa, or doyou have individual ones?.

Detachable showerheads are amazing! Definitely a good reason to take a long shower.
They are also good when you have a headache. When I get one, I take a couple asprin, turn off the lights, hop in the shower and let the water massage the back of my neck for about 10-15 minutes. Works everytime!

I've always wanted to try this exact thing but never have. Anal and clit stimulation feels amazing because they're all connected in some way. It's much better to do both at the same time?


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