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I see my brother's penis more often than I should. He's kiinda shameless and I don't want to encourage him so I usually run away and not dwell on it.


How old is ?he

He's 15, but getting closer to 16.

Do you like seeing it? Is he hard?

It's okay, I mean it's a penis and that's nice, but he's my brother so I don't like to dwell on it. And yes, he's usually hard, I'm pretty sure he makes sure of that.

I feel like boys are always hard at that age.


you don't find it too creepy he gets hard and exposed himself to you? :/ I mean fine if you enjoy it, but that sounds like a problem if it is unwanted.

That's exactly how I feel! It totally creeps me out! He doesn't do this to my sister, only me, so it gets me a little nervous. I don't know what he's trying to do but it seems like he's getting some sort of gratification exposing himself to a girl. I don't want to be part of his gratification, that's just messed up, but I don't know what to do about it.

Speak to your parents :/ you don't want him taking that attitude out into public...?

I don't really want to get him in trouble if this is just a passing thing, but if it gets too out of hand I'll have to. I guess I could talk to him myself but I honestly feel afraid to bring it up to him directly.

"I guess I could talk to him myself but I honestly feel afraid to bring it up to him directly."

Haha maybe you are the one who is "bringing it up."




I certainly hope not! He's got enough dirty magazines and stuff for that I'm sure.

I've seen a lot of penises in my family. I saw my brothers from an early age, my dad later on.

My brother is two years younger and it's been a few years since we stopped being naked in front of each other, but his penis is probably the last thing that will turn me on. I get more turned on by hot looking guys and when I fantasize about having sex with them, I obviously then imagine what their hard penis would look and feel like.

Some people think penises look funny or whatever but I think they're beautiful. I didn't grow up with brothers but I've seen my dad's many times.

Pretty normal. As a guy I feel pretty much the same way about girls. It started when I was 13 too!

I grew up with two brothers and saw their penises regularly until one was 15 and the other 17. It was no big deal. They did get more fun to look at when they got older though.

I have never seen a penis other than pictures or in porn. The ones in porn look gigantic. Like how do these girls get that in their mouth????

?I think when I do finally see one I will probably freak out or start laughing out of embarassment

It is ok.
I also like to see penises and balls. And get wet looking them.

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