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I think seeing them in real life is so much better.

I think its totally normal. My brother has showed me his penis before. And i couldnt stop looking at it. Lol.

(An older brother) but no. Not with my cousins either.



Beth Annr:Just seeing a penis in general get me excited weather is my brothers or online. My brothers and babies are the only penses I have seen in real life. I love to look at online penises also.?

With some of the creeps on gurl, you should probably get ready for a heap of dick pics arriving in your inbox anytime soon?

yep - there was a thread on here recently with some really nice dicks on, i'll try bump it. Saves ppl sending her ones (and they wont be as nice as the ones from that thread?lol)

?what happened to this thread? I'd love to see it!!!

undefined: Am I wrong for feeling this way? Am I normal?

I don't think your're wrong. I think you're human and normal.
I'm curious if your twin brother ever gets to see you like you get to see him. I have a twin brother and when we were your age he never saw me naked but I saw him all the time. I was more mature physically and didn't want him seeing me, though I think he wanted to. None of my girfriends with brothers ever let them see them naked, but they had all seen their brothers. I think girls are more modest and also more mature mentally and can handle it better. That's just my thought.

Ha ha, yeah my friends are the same way, they see their brother penises from time to time, but they say never the other way. It was funny I saw one of my friends brothers at the urinal a few weeks ago, so now Ive seen his penis too!

In talking with friends its almost always us seeing them and their penises and them not seeing us.? I know my aunt let my cousin run around naked when we went to the lake so it was normal to see him but with her girls she never let them do that.

I think there is a switch on the inside of us, so one day we going from not a big deal to oh my that penis looks nice and that is why we get turned on and wet from seeing them.? During and after puberty seeing penises is different than when we were younger.

PS. I would love to see my friends brothers penis, he is so hot. But I would never tell her that.

Have you ever seen a dissapointing one? I saw one one time that had to be 2 or 3 inches hard.

Limited experience, but nothing out of the ordinary.


Ha ha, whose was it? I dont know if I can say dissapointing, but at the urinals Ive seen pretty much every variety and I have been surprised a few times on both ends of the size spectrum. A boy I thought would be big turns out to be small, or visa versa. This one skinny kid who I know from school pulled out one of the biggest penises Ive ever seen the other day.....I would never have guessed it! I am still shocked at how big his dick was lol.?

I think it is silly to judge penises when they are not erect. It is like judging raw food materials. One should judge the cooked meal. The 'true' and important size is the erect size. Small penises can grow 2x or 3x size :P Huge penises don't grow much usually.?

I've never seen one in real life, but I have a picture a friend gave me and I look at it sometimes when I touch myself. I have a boyfriend now, and I've felt his threw his pants, but I don't want him to think I'm naughty so I haven't done anything else with him. (He felt my boobs and between my legs, too.) I really want to see his, but I'm scared to ask.


Thats a really good point. That boy I saw couldnt grow much or I dont even know how he would fit in a girl lol. I still like to see the soft ones and all the variety that guys have. Its always interesting like I said when a big guy has a smaller penis (not judging, I like em all) or a small skinny boy has a huge one.?

I know tall skinnier boys (2) with a huge one... :D?

To Tammyhehl: I don't know how old you are, but especially if your boyfriend is a couple of years older than you, he might?very much?appreciate you being naughty! In a relationship that is a very great thing actually :)?

That's what some of the other girls have told me. I think I'm going to go for it this week. I really want to see him cum!!...Thanks!!


Why do they think they're gross? I have always thought they are cool to see lol.?

I believe it's ok, cause you're a teenager and things happening to you now can't be controlled with your brain :))


I always thought they cool to look to look at also.?

I am a 16 year old boy who likes being a gurl.I like to wear girls panties and bra.This gets me excited and I masturbate when I am dressed in gurls cloths.Is this wierd?

I have said it here before, i think the whole penis/ball package is kinda silly looking. Much rather see a pic of an entire guy naked, than just his penis. I also think nude women are much more entertaining, even though i do not think i am a lesbian.


I think they are great to look at no matter if they are erect or soft.?

Well everyone has his own perception of penises but i see my bf's almost everyday and im not really disgusted....Maybe it's because you've had never seen one in real life or you've never been with a boy, i dont know...If you want to ask more question message me i'll aswer ;)
Ally <3


Thank you for your help.

Any one else feel the same way as I do?

I can't get on tumblr, we have safety setting on here so invent get anything good.😢
Can anyone send me pics of dic
Ks off tumblr or tell me where else I could see them?

Hey @btrfly I might be able to suggest something. I will pm you?


Yes, normal, a bit wired because you are talking about brothers, but penis is penis and it is just exciting :)

I agree with you Samanthasweet

Yeah, I also think that seeing them in real life is better.. In real life I have seen just my two younger brothers naked but even if they are same family they are sort of exciting to look at.. Like I don't maybe look at them the same way as boys at school or somewhere, but I pretty much feel same way as Samantha or Beth.. Penis is penis and always so exciting.. :)

I'm in the same boat as you, except that my brother's older. So I was so used to seeing it before I hit puberty that he would be openly naked sometimes. But then once puberty kicked in, I started to get a bit more confused. On the one hand I was excited to get to sneak an eyeful of a penis and testicles, but on the other hand I was getting all tingly over my brother's penis! In the end I think we all can't help but get a little excited at the sight of the genitals we're attracted to, and eventually it becomes easier think "that's my brother " immediately and not get turned on. I mean now I see it from time to time and I don't even flinch or do a double take

So my name is Stacy and I'm?18. I recently met a guy on this site which I was just on for fun. Hes name was Justin and he is 2 years older then me. I found out he lives really close to me because we got matched up. I usually don't like to send nudes, and I never do but this time it was different. He started sending me pictures of his penis and it was bigger then any penis I have seen. For some reason, I felt really tingly and something was telling me I really wanted it. He told me many times he wanted to be a fuck friend.

We me up yesterday and we ended up hooking up. I now know what a really big penis feels and looks like and I want more, is this normal? ?


no! ?I think you may have caught rabies and be dying! ?Quick, phone up your dad in the vatican and ask Donald Duck for a refund!?

This forum is too full of trolls ._.

Okay so don't think I'm weird. I am 1 year older then my brother and when we were younger we used to touch eachother in the bath cause my mom was never in there with us once we turned 6 and 5. I got turned on then:)🤤😫 I still do, cause now I'm 12 and he is 11 and me and him share a bathroom so me and him have a huge walk in shower so when our parents aren't home we shower together 😫😫 and we both get so horny! We tell eachother if we are horny and once we rubbed his penis against my vagina! And I had my first orgasm! 😫🤤 I'm getting horny writing this! Do you think me and him should stop?


I'm 14 and live with an older brother who has never been too concerned with keeping his cock out of sight. When I was real young I barely noticed it, then after a while I was mildly curious. Then once I hit puberty I was feeling how you feel now. I could barely take my eyes off of it when it was out, and I was freaking out cause it was arousing me. Basically, we're wired to go "hey look a penis, we can make a baby and keep the human species going" whenever we see a penis. Soon enough you'll get desensitized to it, and you'll be able to think "eww that's my brother" again after a while

I think penises are awesome. I don't care who they're attached to. It's basic biology. Girls are attracted to the opposite sex and that's right at the center of things. It doesn't have to mean anything, it's just a physical/chemical response.

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