Have you ever masturbated to hot scenes in TV series?

If yes, to what? I masturbated to Game of Thrones, Spartacus and Outlander. For me some of the scenes from TV series are hotter than porn movies..

I've masturbated while watching tv too?

yes i love good love and sex scenes, i mastrubate to scenes in the bachalor, beauty and the geek and dateing naked. my favorite show is dateing naked out of all of thoes, its not nessiserly because there naked its just there is less drama then in the bachalor and i feel like the people in the bachalor are not nice. they are just in it for the money. i also liked some of the scenes in the fling.?

I should find some shows to masturbate to like you two do. I just masturbate when I watch tv or movies but I never do it to certain shows or movies

Modern Family

Orange is the new black

I've masturbated while watching Orange is the new black too

I'm going to have to watch that show :-)

to me tv shows you like are better than porn because you have an emotional attachment to the characters, but maybe that's just me...?

No, I have never masturbated to stuff on tv. I discovered both erotic stories and porn around the time that I discovered masturbation. Anything tv could provide is just not intense enough to excite me compared to both of those.

Yes, I got caught watching porn a while ago, so I just stick to sexy shows and movies now, like OITNB, even the Fall. Mostly I like reading stuff. There are a bunch of free books I download on my kindle and no one knows.

I don't know if I have over a show but some sexy scenes in movies

Never a TV show...I'm open to suggestions.

TV show, no. Mainstream movies, yes.

I watch sports and some of the players are hot.

When I watch "Girl Meets World" , Peyton Meyer, who plays Lucas is so cute he gets me wet. I just HAVE to masturbate after watching him.

Certain TV shows have certainly got me horny and I've started masturbating whilst watching - although on the whole the sex scenes are to short for me to reach orgasm. The sex scenes in the movie 'blue is the warmest colour' are longer and awesomely hot!!

Never TV shows that I recall, just movies. OITNB has gotten me turned on before though?

I agree with jessiesexygirl. Blue is the warmest colour it's definitely hot and also long enough to get off.

Omg the long sex scene in Blue is the warmest color is the sexiest thing I've ever seen in a movie!?


I've masturbated to people on tv. The Gilmore Girls for instance - the mom and the daughter.


the daughter is cute.?she has a cute butt too?

I did it like once or twice while watching Shameless


she really does, yes!

Masters of Sex and Shameless (US) are made for this. (Not bashing the British version of Shameless, just have never seen it). Also from time to time there are some incredibly steamy scenes on American Horror Story

Not tv, but I downloaded Below Her Mouth over a week ago and I've tired watching it about eight times but I never got all the way through as I replay some scenes and just jill, it's so erotic.


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