What is your pussy's shape?

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You guys ever wander what a guys fav is?

I don't think it matters to them!

Fair enough!

lol Hollie, I wouldn't know but I wouldn't think it would matter to them as long as they are seeing some?

Lol thats true

How many guys do you know that actually take the time to look at your pussy? Most just want to use it not spent much time getting to know it.

Well speaking for myself i prefer to get to know it. I dont just go poking around at anything. Js.

Mine is very cute and I like it a lot!!... Enough said haha

i think 23 or ?27

Mine is a 10.



22 or maybe 24


mine I would say ?8 or 16 ..?

Haha, this was a fun one.. None of these exactly but 21 maybe the closest


OK since this is noot a pornography link but a medical link I would like to post it and ask if this transgender result looks like a typical young lady down there. Thanks.


My pussy's a cross between 27 and 28


23 when not aroused, then 18...


Under the hair a 1 I think

21 probably the closest


Mine is 27

After careful inspection, I'm definitely a 25

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