What is your pussy's shape?

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6 but with hair

29 with just a little bit of hair...

I feel like I'm a shaved combination of 3, 10, and 21.


I guess I'm either a 21 or 25 with a little more hair?

I'm #30.?

Can I just say that in a weird way this is a pretty hot thread? 😊

Not weird lol

Good. I thought I'd be called weird for saying that. It's just nice to know we are all different, especially down there?

I agree and it's definitely not weird! :)

10 for sure



either? 10 or 20

Mine is kinda like #17, my clit hood has always poked out between the lips since around 9yo also my clit is bigger than most others I seen, I was also told that by friends and girls in my class. (an all girls school)

They've seen your vagina??

Yes Sammy at school we have to shower after PE/Games and its an open shower room (but has a four stalls for the shy one) I know there is lots of schools that you dont shower after PE. I find it hard to understand that.
So we see each other naked in the locker room and showers, also when we go to the swimming pool from school there is 3 classes goes, we all change togather and after swimming we have to shower most are naked but a few keep their swimsuits on in the showers, (I think keeping your swimsuit on defeats the purpose)
?And as we are naturists I be naked at home as much as possible so my friends see me naked and I see them.
Sorry about the long reply everyone.

13 for me.

Angie ooh that makes sense. We sometimes shower and are naked in our locker room too. I thought you meant like?
?your actual vagina with your legs spread, but I know what you mean now. Thank you for explaining 😀

No problem SammyB your more than welcome.
BTW whats the real differences between # 13, 17, 20 ??

@NATUREGIRL #20 is skinnier than #13 and seems to have some stubble #17 is puffy

Thanks Sammy, so Then I may be a #17 as mine has always been puffy!! and my slit quite out front a lot of girls slit's wre down between their legs you can hardely see them.

There's a lot of variety to a bunch of those and some are very similar. There's 30 examples and I bet there could be 50-60 easy by slightly changing each of them. You're #17? I'm like #1 #4 & #6


Number 4 with trimmed hair?

I'm generally closest to a 4, but does anyone else find that when they get really turned on their pussy and clit sort of swell and then mine looks more like a 5.

either 4 or 5

6 I think, but i wish it looked like 28!!!

Hmm, I say 10?

10 or 20, but with a little hair?

Probably a 29, but with less hair. But when I am excited it is more of a 23

I think 21 except I don't have that style of pubic hair.

I'm a 21 ;) ?anyone else share the same vajay-jay as me?

I do but a little more hair rn

I'm somewhere between 27 and 28 but with neatly trimmed pubic hair. I used to keep myself completely hair free but now I like having some decoration. Is the clean look trending back to hairy? Some of my friends are doing the same but some still like to go bald.

I love 10 :D

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