How many times ?

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once a day, with a rabbit dildo

I'll usually do it once a day but maximum is 3-4.

3-4 times a day

Once or twice most days

3-4 times a day

Once a day usually. ?Sometimes more if I don't have anything going on.

I have recently been doing this every day

At least one time daily after everyone is asleep less chance of getting caught.

I too. Now all

I get horny to distraction if I don't do it once a day.

haileysd:I get horny to distraction if I don't do it once a day.?

same here...?

Depends how busy I am! I get horny very easily so if im not working, I do it a lot!

Twice a day normally.

Today I got really wet at work, and snuck off to the toilets and masturbated to porn on my phone.

Writing that has made me think about going for round two now! haha....

I masturbate daily -more if I have the place to myself.

usually up to about twice a day

Up to once a day, probably more like 4 - 5 times a week. It depends on how much time I have and if I'm into it.

I'm sorry this is a bit of an old thread but Kylie you are SO funny. I just read that and laughed my butt off?

At a minimum, 3 sessions for 5 orgasms. It feels so amazing so I just want more lol.

Once or twice a day usually

it depends on my mood, if im horny .. i can do it 4-6 a day.sometimes 2x a day.. and sometimes im not doing it for 2-3weeks

Rarely do it less than twice a day... but often alot more! I'm quite obsessed with touching myself, no matter how much sex with others I have.

It varies. There is no such thing as normal. I'd say the most number of times i've done it in a day was 5-6 maybe? Can't remember. But of course i don't do it everyday lol

It really depends on my mood. But mostly twice a day. In the morning and before bed. But sometimes I can go w/o it for up to a week.?

Twice a day would usually be the minimum for me. After waking up and before sleeping (if im alone in bed lol). But the days are long... ;)

Nice to read all your answers.. I always thought I sort of do it too much, but now it feels I'm just average :) For me at least twice a day.. Always in my bed before sleeping and often in the morning in my bed or shower. But often also after getting home from school, and sometimes even more than that..

I normally do it once before I get up, and once when I go to bed, plus as many times during the day as I can fit in / need to do it... I think my record is 8 or 9 times when I was alone at home for a day...

at most for me twice a day usually

Normally I do it a few times a week. If I was going for a personal best, maybe three or four in a day. I'd have to be in the right mood I guess.

3 - 4 times a week.



Could you kindly stop selling your bullshit book here please "Jeni". All the "scienece" involved is nonsense. Breakthrough discoveries are not selfpublished on amazon.?



Jeni, I respect your opinion and your right to not masturbate, but I think it's pretty sh*tty of you to come to a website that's primarily,y made for teenage girls and try to get them not to pleasure themselves. What in the world could be so harmful about it? If a a human wants to give themselves orgasms I don't see any harm in that at all. Not only does it feel good, but it makes you more in tune with your body so you can communicate to your partner what you like or dislike.?


I agree Sammy, brilliant post. That is ridiculous advice from Jeni.

I don't really need to do it very often. I go at it maybe once or twice a week.

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