Yea it happens to everyone lol. I guess it depends on how urgent it is if you want to do it at school.......and how clean the bathroom is.
Like I've done it once or twice lol but I'd NEVER sit on the seat and do it.
I leaned back against the wall and did it standing up...which I totally hate doing anyway.
It didn't turn out great because I was paranoid about someone coming in and seeing that my legs weren't in the place they should be if I was using the toilet lol

lol yeah...this is a common probalem from most people. I've done it a few times in the past but on desperate terms of course as the bathroom like mandakim said is not ideal.

You should do what I do, we have to wear uniforms at school and I sit back in the chair then lean forward so that the jacket covers each side of me, then my hand can go down between my legs and I can go the whole way without anyone knowing...

I have used leg squeezing in class with mixed results.? Usually I get some relief at first but then I am hornier than before.? The boys play "pocket pool" but some won't do it for fear of busting a nut in their pants.?

Sometimes it just caant wait


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