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while he does this he whispers in her ear "ill have to see you after school tommorow again."

Her ears, you see, were located on her inner thighs.

So, instead of paying attention to the words that exited Mr. Smith's mouth, all she interpreted was the pleasure she felt as Mr. Smith's lips lightly brushed across her ever so sensitive area.

Followed by a naughty day the following day where he starting out with fingering?

2 weeks later she visited the school counsellor. ?Her grades had continued to decline as she began dreading and feeling guilty about skipping classes; she'd begun to isolate herself, her self-esteem declined as she felt cheap and dirty, unworthy of the grades (even the ones she had worked so hard for); her mind kept going to how she had wanted her first time to be meaningful, how that had been taken as a form of payment for sex; and hoping her parents and future partner wouldn't find out. ?After telling the school counsellor how the teacher had non-consensually performed sexual acts on, she was offered counselling sessions and was encouraged to confess to her parents what happened. ?She was so relieved they were supportive and understanding, her friends quickly stepping up to support her. The teacher was arrested for rape and upon searching his computer he was found to have hundreds of indecent images of child pornographic material, he was jailed and banned from teaching, something he got into to be around vulnerable kids (teens).

From that day forward he was anally raped daily in prison because that's what happens to perverts who prey on little kids and have child porn

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