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Jenny hated econmics class but the same couldn't be said for her teacher, Mr Smith was serously hot ! She could pass hours in that classroom daydreaming about him and her together locked away in a store room. This was probably the reason she was failing the class but one on one tuition with Mr Smith didn't sound like a punishment to her just an oppurtunity....

Suddenly a familiar voice broke through her daydream: "Jenny, see me after class please..."

She kept on wondering what it could be that he wanted to see her about. 

But the more she thought about it, he probably wanted to talk to her about supply and demand, equilibrium price, price elasticity, opportunity cost and maybe -- just maybe -- marginal utility.

As her other classmates left the room, the only person left was Mr. Smith, sitting on top of his desk, his legs hanging over and his arms folded.

"Jenny, I've noticed that you often are not paying attention in my class, and that you have failed your last two exams"

"I'm sorry," she replied, her head down in embarassment. "I've just been having a difficult time concentrating lately."

Mr Smith gave her a small smirk, "Now what could possibly be disrupting your focus," he got up from his seat, and got in front of me.

"" she stammered before dropping her eyes and whispering "a boy."

"And which "boy" would that be?", Mr. Smith asked. "Michael in the third row? Ryan, the kid that sits in front of you?"

Jenny felt her cheeks start to blush, "n-no, he sits a little closer to the front," she managed to force out as Mr. Smith took a step closer to her.  

A frown crossed is face, "Jenny, there are no boys in front of Ryan?"

"th-that's because it's y-you" jenny said while blushing furiously 

"Me?" said Mr. Smith, in a baffled undertone . "Are you sure?" he continued.

"Of course I'm sure," Jenny replied. It's an example of supply and demand.

"Boys my age are in large supply," she contiunued, "So they don't have much allure; they're like a commodity item. But guys like you are scarce, so you have high market value. Seems that you'd get that already ... lemme flip to Chapter 2 of our text, it's all in there."

Jenny thinks to herself, "Ya know, neither Mr. Smith nor anyone else seems to appreciate that I understand the basic principles of economics. I thought that was pretty sexy."

Mr. Smith stopped her from flipping through the text, "I understand" then he ever so slightly leaned towards her

Come on guys! Pick up the story!

So, Mr. Smith whispers in her ear, 'So, how will you go about solving this economic crisis?'

"Maybe I need to be disciplined?" I reply with a cheeky grin

You do that could get me in serious trouble dont you, Mr Smith replied

"But if it has to be done, it has to be done." ?He sat down behind his desk. ?"Pull your skirt up over your waist and bend over my knees." ?She did so. ?"Now, Jenny, you know you have to pull those down around your ankles," he said, grabbing the waistband of her panties and giving them a yank, so that they dug painfully into her pussy lips. ?"That's going to cost you."

'Ah, so the demand has gone up and so has the price , huh ?" , said Mr. Smith .

"Oh yes it has Mr. Smith," Mumbled Jenny with her eyes tightly shut as she bit her lip.

Jenny felt the palm of his swiftly make contact with the her buttocks and she let out a loud Yelp as the pain seared through her body. Before she could catch her breath the hand made a contact with her other cheek - the pain seemed more intense this time, but also exciting

Again and again she felt the painful slaps?

'Ah!', Jenny moaned loudly, 'Please don't stop!'

Jenny raises her butt in the air awaiting the next slap "please Mr. Smith i promise i won't be naughty again"

This time instead of his hand slapping down on my butt, I felt his legs forcing my legs apart. His hand now began to explore between my spread legs

I feel his finger slide into my underwear and i try to squirm away

he grabs my waist and pulls me closer?

His wondering fingers find his way to her pussy. Mr Smith drops to his knees and moves his head closer to her and flips her onto her back. She can feel as he strokes her throbbing clit with his tongue. "Do you like that?" He asks her.

"no, I don't" she replies.


He starts harder and harder. "AHH" she moans in pleasure. "Thats it ?Yesss" she screams.

leaning back on the desk she gently cups her boob and lifts her legs up in the air as she feels Mr. Smith gently roll his tongue over her clit

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