Most public place?

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In class, but I didn't had the intenion to masturbate, I was texting in class with anoither classmate because she sat to far so we couldn't talk. But my teacher was walking around in the classroom so when he was close to my desk I had to hide my phone quicly but on that day I was wearing a skirt so the only thought that I had then was to hide it in my panties. And when I did that I forgot that my phone was in vibrating mode so when I putted it in my panties, my? classmate just texed me so my phone was vibrating against my clit when I was in class

I did it with the water streams in a public pool when I was 9 or something without knowing what I did there.

Later when I was 14, I think, I did it in a forest. Today I can't imagine I had the guts for that. ^^

in my car waiting for my ex bf to get done with basketball practice


Tried a bathroom stall at school didn't work for a variety of reasons. ?Aside from that I've always been private.

I've done it outside on a few camping trips, although I made sure I had plenty of privacy. ?I've done it in a pool and a couple times in the girls locker room.

I recently masturbated in public changing room on the beach

I do it at the public pool in front of the jets all the time...Some girls I know told me they knew why I hang out there and laughed. In the 3 foot area it's perfect I just stand in front and open my legs a little and it shoots right on the spot...I've cummed 4 or 5 times in a row!!

in the car a lot of times, waiting

at home, under a blanket, with everyone there watching tv or whatever

in a bus

Sarbucks restroom

Car passenger seat on the interstate, during the daylight with lots of other cars.
Sitting in an outdoor area on my college campus leaning against my then boyfriend under a blanket while other people walked by.
And it isn't public exactly, but at this point my roommate and I masturbate with each other in the room and don't even say anything or care.


ShellyB that's so awesome that you and your roommate are that comfortable that you can just do it and not say a word. I assume you at least cover up? Lol?

Angie I want to try it in the woods too?

Doing it with others is awesome if you are in a comfortable situation.

in a restaurant for my then boyfriend got him so horny he did the same

i've masturbated at work in the toilets a couple of times, i didn't get caught.


@SammyB_16 ?Quote:- "Angie I want to try it in the woods too?"

If you ever do just be careful Sammy, And if your going to be sitting or lying down make sure you got something under you, Keep us posted lol.

also have done it in class (while the lights were dimmed for watching some film) but the most public has been on the plane, on my flight to spain last summer. i was wearing mini skirt only with nothing underneath, so i covered myself with the passenger blanked and started playing. i edged 3-4 times before i finally made myself cum and the need to be really quiet totally gave me a rush.

@Svetlana2000 wow....that's the hottest masturbation I've ever heard. But I can relate the rush it gives you when you have to keep quiet.

dressing room, school changing rooms, bus, park, sleepovers, pool. never got caught though.

Library behind a table supposidely studying. No one admitted seeing it but am sure was seen.

It's almost impossible for me to masturbate anywhere public because I get so wet when I cum and it'll be visible through my clothes afterward and almost look like I peed myself. Once I fingered myself in a hot tub at a party though. No one could see what I was doing because of all the bubbles but it was really hard to keep a straight face once I came!

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