Who else knows?


I was wondering who knows about the fact that you masturbate?

I am asking because yesterday I played "never have I ever" with my sister's (older) friends and it became a question. Most girls said they did at least once, but no one except one said they did it still. I said i didnt do it, which was a lie, but i was too shy haha.?

So have you told anyone? How did they react? how did it feel? Do you think all the girls that said they only tried once were lying that they dont do anymore?


I think most of the girls who said they?ve tried it still do it. I think generally speaking everyone does unless they are getting a whole lot of sexual gratification somewhere else and don?t feel the need. That?s not to say people who have sex often don?t masturbate though. I have some close friends who know I do and I know they do.

my boyfriend knows I do


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